Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy

Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy thanks to the new GeotargetingWP service. Our newest project aims to cover all the needs in WordPress geotargeting.

Instead of using heaving databases and complicate update processes, we created a lightweight API to server premium geolocation results to every user. Along with the API we are going to release different plugins to cover the differents needs.

For example with Geotargeting Pro you can geotarget content based on user’s IP and show the right data to them. You can geotarget at country, state or city level. Even create different regions or groups to easily add shortcodes in your posts and pages. The ideal solution for affiliates sites with different options, like affiliate casino sites where depending on each country the commissions or right casinos to show change.

We are also developing a new plugin to create Geo Redirections that will let you show different pages to the user based on their location. The plugin is 40% ready and we hope to have it ready in the next months.

The service works as pay as you go. Basically you charge your account with credits and every query to the API costs 1 credits. The launching price is $0.002 per query call. The good news is that all the plugins include a cache mode that will let you save lot of queries!

Take a look at Geotargeting WordPress




What do you expect from WpFavs ?

If you are a long user of WpFavs you would noticed that the site or plugin didn’t receive many updates lately. That’s due to the lack of time that I have running Timersys and new launched service GeotargetingWP (will talk on next post about it ). Basically I split all my time on the services that keep the business running and then I share my free time between all my free projects that I do to give something back to the community.

The thing with WpFavs is that was something that I built from scratch and I feel like I’m not giving it all the time that deserves so I was thinking how can I invest more time on it and it occurred to me that maybe some of you were interested on a premium version on the plugin.

Things that occurs to me that could hold the premium version:

  • Private plugins: Basically it would let you add your own plugins zip files or urls to your collections. This is great for example for code canyon users
  • Update notifications: Email notifications to keep your site up to date
  • Mmmm you know what? Send your comments with ideas or simple share your opinion

Are you willing to use a premium version? Which features you would like to see on a premium version?

I will leave this for a couple of months or so before taking any decisions. I just want to hear you guys.




How to avoid getting Hacked in WordPress

I recently wrote an article in my main site Timersys regarding security in WordPress and how to prevent getting hacked after allt he noise happened this week with #PanamaPapers issue. If you concern about security take a look at the article which include a pretty basics but fundamental steps to keep your site secure.

Full article : How to avoid your own Panama Papers ?

35% off in Timersys Blackfriday deals

Hello to everyone! Im currently traveling in the US, so first of all, Thanksgiving day to all of you!
For those that were waiting for black friday deals, I just enabled BLACKFRIDAY35 coupon code in Timersys website that will give you 35% discount in all your purchase!!

Yes you can buy one or several plugins, single or unlimited license and you will get a 35% off your entire purchase by placing BLACKFRIDAY35 in the checkout screen.

The coupon will be active till Monday!!

Some of the great plugins you can get are:

Geotargeting Pro

Facebook Login Pro

WordPress Social Invitations

Popups Premium

Just visit Timersys and enter the coupon code on checkout


How to register in WordPress with Facebook

The simplest way to register or login with Facebook into your WordPress is by using the lightweight but powerful plugin called Facebook Login. Once activated you need to create an app and paste the id inside the settings page of the plugin.

That’s it! Now you will have a “Connect with Facebook” button on your login/registration page

The plugin also include avatars support. If you users connect with their Facebook account , the Facebook avatar will be shown instead of WordPress gravatar or mistery man.

In case you need extra features like integration with e-commerce plugins such a WooCommerce or EDD you can upgrade to the pro version. Along with the features mentioned above it also includes a powerful ajax registration / login form and it’s compatible with Popup Plugin to create ajax login popups.

Email template plugin

Today we want to feature the Email Templates plugin. A very nice plugin to enhance default plain text WordPress emails.

Using the Customizer API the plugin will let you create and modify the  email template used for all your emails. It will let you update a logo, change colors and size, add some footer text,etc


The plugin requires at least WordPress version 4.0 to be used. If you want to give it a try you can download it here.

Black friday offers!

Hi Guys, in Timerys we are offering 40% discount in all products starting from now till monday. All you need to do is buy any plugin (or all of them) and apply the BLACKFRIDAY coupon code at checkout.

If you are looking for a WordPress Popup plugin the right choice for you is the WordPress Popups premium version

Also the WordPress Social Invitations plugin is a great choice to increase your site visits.

Also we are about to lunch a new Geo Targeting plugin, so stay tuned and subscribe to our Blog!

Website functionality improved

Today we released a new version of the website with improved functionality based on all your feedback. Now plugins can be added while creating a new WP Fav.

Also bookmarks where introduced, that makes easier for you  to save WP Favs from other users on the site. From now on , once you save a bookmark, it will be imported into WP Favs plugin along with your own WP Favs when you use the API KEY.

We added some enhancements like buttons on every WP Fav card that will let you edit, copy Quick use keys or get more info very easily. Tooltips will explain what every button does, and we also added some confirmation boxes that will guide you through all the process.

Hope you like it! More changes coming soon!

Import wordpress favorites plugins and some bugfixes

Thanks to all for the feedback given in the last days. We just released Wp Favs version 1.0.1 which nows let you import all your favorite plugins from and install them all at once!

We also fixed some bugs on the website. Plugin searches are much better now and you don’t have to scroll and scroll to find the plugin you want.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments and questions !



Welcome to WpFavs

Wpfavs was born to made life easier for developers and general public. If you ,like me , do at least a dozen of WordPress Install every month, you will find this site very useful.

It’s plain simple, you register at the site with your account, you create a WpFav list and you add some plugins to it. Then you grab your API key and you will be able to browse your plugins lists everywhere and do bulk plugin installations.

The site is in Beta and I will be adding more features with time. I will improve plugin search to include more options and change design to something nicer. But first things first, create your own WpFav or browse existing ones!