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Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy

Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy thanks to the new GeotargetingWP service. Our newest project aims to cover all the needs in WordPress geotargeting. Instead of using heaving databases and complicate update processes, we created a lightweight API to server premium geolocation results to every user. Along with the API we are going to release… Read more »

What do you expect from WpFavs ?

If you are a long user of WpFavs you would noticed that the site or plugin didn’t receive many updates lately. That’s due to the lack of time that I have running Timersys and new launched service GeotargetingWP (will talk on next post about it ). Basically I split all my time on the services that keep… Read more »

How to avoid getting Hacked in WordPress

I recently wrote an article in my main site Timersys regarding security in WordPress and how to prevent getting hacked after allt he noise happened this week with #PanamaPapers issue. If you concern about security take a look at the article which include a pretty basics but fundamental steps to keep your site secure. Full… Read more »

35% off in Timersys Blackfriday deals

Hello to everyone! Im currently traveling in the US, so first of all, Thanksgiving day to all of you! For those that were waiting for black friday deals, I just enabled BLACKFRIDAY35 coupon code in Timersys website that will give you 35% discount in all your purchase!! Yes you can buy one or several plugins,… Read more »

Email template plugin

Today we want to feature the Email Templates plugin. A very nice plugin to enhance default plain text WordPress emails. Using the Customizer API the plugin will let you create and modify the  email template used for all your emails. It will let you update a logo, change colors and size, add some footer text,etc… Read more »

Website functionality improved

Today we released a new version of the website with improved functionality based on all your feedback. Now plugins can be added while creating a new WP Fav. Also bookmarks where introduced, that makes easier for you  to save WP Favs from other users on the site. From now on , once you save a… Read more »

Import wordpress favorites plugins and some bugfixes

Thanks to all for the feedback given in the last days. We just released Wp Favs version 1.0.1 which nows let you import all your favorite plugins from and install them all at once! We also fixed some bugs on the website. Plugin searches are much better now and you don’t have to scroll and… Read more »

Welcome to WpFavs

Wpfavs was born to made life easier for developers and general public. If you ,like me , do at least a dozen of WordPress Install every month, you will find this site very useful. It’s plain simple, you register at the site with your account, you create a WpFav list and you add some… Read more »