Advanced Page Manager

Version: 1.6
Last updated: 2016-12-07 5:56pm GMT
Requires: 4.0
Compatible up to: 4.7
Downloads: 81,454
Author: Marios Alexandrou - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

It is hard to manage WordPress pages when it comes to have more than 10 static pages, right ? Current UI makes it difficult to manage a whole tree of pages. Advanced Page Manager aims to create a totally new Page Manager Panel designed to help you get the job done.

Discover how in 3 minutes (better in HD or 480p).

So, what should you expect from this plugin ?

  • An easy understand tree. All your pages are presented in an easy to understand tree with all necessary actions to take care of them.
  • Browse, Show/hide subpages. The plugin even remembers the state of each page so that you won’t have to browse again and again the tree to find the same page.
  • Classic actions. Of course, classic actions such as Edit, Preview/View are still there !
  • Add, move and delete pages from within the tree. But you will also be able to add, move and delete pages from within the tree. And no more cumbersome drag/drop to move pages. We have created a zen way for you to do that 🙂 Also, you don’t have to edit to add a page anymore. Just click the Add New button.
  • New Status for pages. WordPress Status are fine for posts but sound odd for pages. With APM, your pages are online or… offline. Simple no ?
  • Publish/unpublish. Push online (or pull offline) one or more pages directly from the tree.
  • Template Management. Affect or change template for 1 page or any selected range of pages.
  • Select pages. We also provide an easy way to select all subpages for a given parent page.
  • Where is my page ? From the Edit panel, the result lists or even the theme itself, you’ll be able to find your page in the tree thanks to the Where my page? button.
  • Search and filter. Search for pages. Filter to get the list of all online or offline pages. Sort by column in result lists.
  • No clumsy interface. As you, we love the WordPress UI. You’ll feel at home with APM. The plugin interface matches WordPress standards.
  • Theme integration. We also respect your theme. Pages are still pages even managed by APM. No need to change your templates.
  • Template Tags. However, we provide a new set of Template Tags to handle pages in your themes. Feel free to use them if you need to.
  • Don’t like it ? Under the hood, it’s still WordPress. If you uninstall APM, your pages will be there because it’s your content and we care for it.
  • Don’t speak English ? APM is also available in French. Want it in your language ? All strings are available to translation in the WordPress way.

Download and install Advanced Page Manager to fully enjoy it !