Version: 0.9.8
Last updated: 2008-10-23
Requires: 2.3
Compatible up to: 2.7
Downloads: 78,105
Author: Michael Weingärtner - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

CyStats is a feature-rich statistics plugin integrated in the WordPress admin area. Features are currently:

  1. Bounce rate, ignore-by-cookie, ignore-by-ip/post-id/user_agent lists
  2. hits, visits for day/week/month/year – human or robots
  3. Top refering pages
  4. Most read categories and tags
  5. Most read, most commented posts
  6. Most read feeds, number of feed visits today
  7. Internal/external search words
  8. Operating systems
  9. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics
  10. 404 error requests
  11. Browsers/clients/tools/…, w/o. version numbers
  12. Template tags for most read posts, user count,…
  13. Optional IP-anonymizing
  14. Multi language support (currently english, german supported).
  15. Optional tracking of admin area visits