Disable All WordPress Updates

Version: 1.4.9
Last updated: 2017-02-25 10:53am GMT
Requires: 3.4
Compatible up to: 4.7.9999
Downloads: 172,367
Author: Oliver Schlöbe - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

This plugin completely disables the theme, plugin and core update checking system in WordPress. The plugin prevents WordPress from
checking for updates including cronjobs, and prevents any notifications from being displayed.

This plugin combines und extends these three plugins:

It’s very important that you keep your WordPress theme, core and plugins up to date. If you don’t, your blog or website could
be susceptible to security vulnerabilities or performance issues.

If you use this plugin, make sure you keep yourself up to date with new releases of your active WordPress version, plugins
and themes and update them as new versions are released (simply by deactivating this plugin for a short time).

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