GeoTargeting Lite – WordPress Geolocation

Version: 1.2.2
Last updated: 2016-12-15 12:02pm GMT
Requires: 3.6
Compatible up to: 4.7
Downloads: 9,306
Author: Timersys - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

Based on Maxmind GeoIP2 data Geo Targeting plugin for WordPress will let you create dynamic content based on your users country.

With a simple shortcode you will be able to specify which countries are capable of seeing the content.

Compatible with WordPress Popups Plugin. You can now geotarget your popups

If you use popular firewall services such as Cloudflare, Reblaze, Sucuri, Ezoic, Akamai or Clouways the plugin will auto detect real IP from users.


[geot country="Argentina"] Messi is the best! [/geot]
[geot country="Portugal"] Cristiano ronaldo is the best! [/geot]
[geot exclude_country="Portugal"] This text is seeing by everyone except Portuguese people [/geot]

The plugin save into it’s own cache the country you are in. If you need to test for different countries you have two options:

You can pass a country iso code in the url like this:

Or you can add in wp-config.php the following to use your own VPN


Premium Version

Check the new premium version available in (

  • Maxmind API keys compatible
  • Maxmind premium database compatible
  • GeoTarget countries, cities and states
  • Cloudflare geolocation support
  • Geotarget posts / pages entirely
  • Create multiple Redirects based on user countries states or cities
  • Editor button to easily add shortcodes
  • Create multiple regions (group of countries or cities) to use with shortcodes
  • Exclude countries, cities and regions shortcode
  • Dropdown Widget to let users change their country (with flags)
  • Complete set of PHP functions
  • Hide Woocommerce or Easy digital downloads products. Works with any plugin
  • AJAX mode that make plugin compatible with Cache plugins
  • Geotarget menu items, widgets, everything
  • Upcoming integration with other populars plugins
  • Premium support

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