Version: 1.7.2
Last updated: 2015-11-14 11:18am GMT
Requires: 2.5
Compatible up to: 4.3.10
Downloads: 280,751
Author: Josh Fraser, Matthias Pfefferle - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

This PubSubHubbub plugin is a simple way to let people know in real-time when your blog is updated. PubSubHubbub is widely adopted and is used by Google Reader, Google Alerts and many other services.

This plugin:

  • Sends realtime notifications when you update your blog
  • Supports multi-user installations (WordPress MU)
  • Supports multiple hubs
  • Supports all of the feed formats used by WordPress, not just ATOM and RSS2
  • Supports latest spec (Version 0.4)
  • Announces which hubs you are using by adding <link rel="hub" ...> declarations to your template header and ATOM feed
  • Adds <atom:link rel="hub" ...> to your RSS feeds along with the necessary XMLNS declaration for RSS 0.92/1.0

By default this plugin will ping the following hubs:

Please contact me if you operate a hub that you would like to be included as a default option.