Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Version: 1.4
Last updated: 2017-03-03 1:17pm GMT
Requires: 3.0.1
Compatible up to: 4.7.4
Downloads: 249,703
Author: Speed Up My Website, Your WP Expert - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

This plugin will remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files inside the HTML <head> element to improve your speed scores in services like Pingdom, GTmetrix, PageSpeed and YSlow.

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This plugin will ONLY remove query strings from resources located inside the HTML <head> element, any query strings located inside the HTML “body” element shall and will not be removed by this plugin.

Looking For Support?

The plugin author does not provide active support on the forum. Support and requests for custom configurations to the plugin are available at Speed Up My Website.

Reference tests using the latest WordPress version

Reference test from: Pingdom

Reference test from: GTMetrix

Reference site: Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

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