Smart Manager for WooCommerce & WPeC

Version: 3.9.21
Last updated: 2017-01-23 8:02am GMT
Requires: 2.0.2
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Downloads: 287,862
Author: StoreApps - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

Looking for the best free WooCommerce plugins for managing your store? Smart Manager, is the answer.

Smart Manager is a breakthrough WordPress plugin that provides the speed, ease and power of Excel like spreadsheet while managing products, product variations, customers, coupons and orders using the popular WordPress e-Commerce plugins WooCommerce and WPeC.

Browse, search, update and delete multiple products, variations, customers and orders at once. Using a familiar, single page, spreadsheet like interface!

  • Woocommerce Smart Manager is the best and most popular store administration plugin ever.
  • It’s battle tested for success – works with large stores too.
  • Power Packed – 263+ features, Pro add-on for even easier management.

Main Features

  • Fast and Convenient Spreadsheet Like Browsing – Eliminate extra clicks and long wait times
  • Instant, Easy Search – easily locate products / customers / orders. We even have advanced search!
  • Inline Product/Order/Customer Editing – Get productive right away and edit upto 3 items inline and save at once
  • View and manage Product Variations
  • Quick, In-page detail view for Products/Orders/Customers
  • Delete single or multiple products or orders at once saving a ton of time
  • Easily jump to full page native editing screen for any item

Store administration with WooCommerce / WPeC takes up 100’s of hours a year. As a business owner, you could spend all this time on customer service, marketing, business development, or any other activity that helps you earn more revenue.

Some honest Smart Manager reviews…

This has saved me HOURS (if not days!) of work! The support team is fantastic, this plugin is a must-have for every WooCommerce store owner!
– thebbcreamgirl

Smart Manager is a life saver. Anyone starting a new store or migrating to a new line (perhaps seasonal shifts) should consider this mandatory in their toolbox.
– Envoymatt

Smart Manager will free up so much time from day to day store administration operations that you will be in awe. Whether it is reviewing orders at a glance, or updating pricing and inventory of multiple products at once. Whether it is quickly finding a customer or looking up a coupon – everything is super quick and super easy.

Work “on” your business. Not “in” it. Once you save hours from daily chores, you can invest that time for scaling up and growing your business – a much better use of your own time!

While the free plugin is already very useful, we’ve included even more advanced features in Smart Manager Pro – a paid upgrade…

  • Unlimited Inline Editing for products, orders and customers with our advanced batch update algorithm
  • Batch Update anything – multiple items, multiple fields, intelligent update operations like append, prepend, increase, decrease etc.
  • Print Packing Slips and Orders for multiple orders at once
  • Add your own logo to packing slips / order printing
  • View Lifetime Value of a Customer with their total purchases till date on Customers dashboard – along with last order details
  • Export data CSV for products, customers, orders… Export a subset of data by searching and then exporting!
  • Add / Duplicate single / multiple products at once. You can even duplicate the entire store in one click.
  • Manage All Orders – not limited to one month, plus Smart Date filters
  • Access Control – Manage privileges for different WordPress user roles – what can they do within Smart Manager and what they can’t
  • Premium Support and Automatic Upgrades for full year

Read what a client had to say:

What really sold me on this (Smart Manager Pro) was Batch Update. My assistant does not have to do any complex math now (earlier, I always feared she would make a mistake)! With Smart Manager, she has more free time at hand, hence I asked her to set up auto-responder emails for our customers. The response was phenomenal. Our repeat sales were up by 19.5%. I would happily pay five times for this product!
– Jeff Smith

And here’s another customer’s review on the Pro version:

We have over 6000 individual lines on our site and this has saved us huge amounts of time.
Batch update works flawlessly which is a massive time saver, if you need to change all of your prices on the entire site by a % or value, you can with a couple of clicks! We made an update to Tax class on all products in less than 3 minutes. The CSV export tool actually works unlike some I have tried, all 6000 odd lines neatly exported in one attempt. No missing or corrupt data.
Obsolete Electronic Components

Smart Manager is the most powerful, flexible, feature-rich and high performance WordPress eCommerce / WooCommerce plugin. Just install and you are ready to go!

16000+ happy users. 4.4 stars out of 5 from 80+ reviews. 5+ years track record.
You won’t go wrong with Smart Manager. Try it today!