Transposh WordPress Translation

Version: 0.9.6
Last updated: 2014-12-26 11:21pm GMT
Requires: 3.3
Compatible up to: 4.1.17
Downloads: 440,760
Author: Team Transposh - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

Transposh translation filter for WordPress offers a unique approach to blog translation. It allows your blog to combine automatic translation with human translation aided by your users with an easy to use in-context interface.

You can watch the video above, made by Fabrice Meuwissen of which describes basic usage of Transposh, more videos can be found in the changelog

Transposh includes the following features:

  • Support for any language – including RTL/LTR layouts
  • Unique drag/drop interface for choosing viewable/translatable languages
  • Multiple options for widget appearances – with pluggable widgets and multiple instances
  • Translation of external plugins without a need for .po/.mo files
  • Automatic translation mode for all content (including comments!)
  • Professional translation bt One Hour Translation
  • Use either Google Translate,MS Translate or Apertium backends – 92 languages supported!
  • Automatic translation can be triggered on demand by the readers or on the server side
  • RSS feeds are translated too
  • Takes care of hidden elements, link tags, meta contents and titles
  • Translated languages are searchable
  • Buddypress integration

Our goals:

  • Performance – very fast – using APC cache if available
  • Support – you want it – we’ll implement it, just visit our development site
  • Security – we have externally audited the plugin for improved security
  • Ease of Use – making translation as fun and as easy as possible
  • Flexibility – allowing you to take control of the user experience
  • SEO – search engines exposure increase

Technology has been thoroughly tested on a large dynamic site with millions of monthly page views. Feel free to visit Colnect, the best site for collectors.


= Translation credits =
* Dutch translation by Roland Nieuwendijk
* Russian translation by Romans Matusevics
* Hebrew translation by Amir
* Frontend Spanish translation by Ignacio
* Italian translation by MacItaly
* Persian translation by Sushyant Zavarzadeh
* Spanish translation by Angel Torregrosa
* German translation by Jenny Beelens
* Turkish translation by Ömer Faruk Karabulut and Semih Yeşilyurt
* Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Amilton Junior