Version: 1.5.4
Last updated: 2017-02-23 9:54pm GMT
Requires: 3.0.0
Compatible up to: 4.2.12
Downloads: 19,853
Author: Russ Tyndall @ Acceleration.net - Wordpress Profile
Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

This is a WordPress plugin that allows direct excel-like editing of
tables in your WordPress database. It’s goals are to provide useful,
simple, flexible database table admin screens.

It supports:

  • one table per admin screen, as many admin screens as desired
    • These are organized under a new “DB Table Editor” menu item
  • excel spreadsheet like interface using SlickGrid
  • Filter and Sort results
  • Add, Edit & Delete records
  • Custom buttons extensibility
  • Custom permissions per interface for viewing and editing
    (defaults to: edit_others_posts)

    • editing defaults to the same permission as viewing if not specified
  • CSV exports of filtered grid
  • Custom primary key names (but must be a single value / column)

Reasons and Expectations

Previously my company had been using DB-toolkit to provide minimal
database interfaces for custom tables through the WordPress admin.
While the configuration was cumbersome for what we were doing, it did
work and was easier than writing anything. However, when DB-Toolkit
stopped being maintained and I couldn’t find a simple, but suitable
replacement, I decided to tackle my goals more head on

Use of this plugin requires a basic knowledge of PHP, and SQL. It was
written by a programmer to help accomplish his work and does not
currently provide admin configuration screens (instead simple function
calls in your theme’s functions file are used to configure the
screens). This was preferable to me, because my configuration is
safely in source control (a problem I had when DB-toolkit would
upgrade and lose all configuration).