What do you expect from WpFavs ?

If you are a long user of WpFavs you would noticed that the site or plugin didn’t receive many updates lately. That’s due to the lack of time that I have running Timersys and new launched service GeotargetingWP (will talk on next post about it ). Basically I split all my time on the services that keep the business running and then I share my free time between all my free projects that I do to give something back to the community.

The thing with WpFavs is that was something that I built from scratch and I feel like I’m not giving it all the time that deserves so I was thinking how can I invest more time on it and it occurred to me that maybe some of you were interested on a premium version on the plugin.

Things that occurs to me that could hold the premium version:

  • Private plugins: Basically it would let you add your own plugins zip files or urls to your collections. This is great for example for code canyon users
  • Update notifications: Email notifications to keep your site up to date
  • Mmmm you know what? Send your comments with ideas or simple share your opinion

Are you willing to use a premium version? Which features you would like to see on a premium version?

I will leave this for a couple of months or so before taking any decisions. I just want to hear you guys.





Jonathan Westwood

I would definitely buy a premium version if it allowed me to store my plugins from third party vendors and then roll them out to new installs. I’m not a coder and I’ve been trying to find workarounds to do this and have so far drawn a blank.

Update notifications – would be a nice feature but I already get emails from, eg, CodeCanyon or notifications when I log in to my sites.

Maybe have multiple lists so I could have one set of plugins for an e-commerce site and another set for brochure sites. I know we can have multiple lists in wpfavs but it would be nice to have them under the same account.

How about access to stats? So, the most popular plugins used by wpfavs members; monthly updates; free plugin top 50 and paid plugin top 50. That sort of thing. I’m always looking for new plugin suggestions that might be useful.

I’ll keep thinking. But, in short, yes I would definitely pay for a premium version.

Jason Hill

Like the idea of uploading my own plugins and have them load directly onto new sites


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