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Copper CNC Turning manufacturers turning provides an cost-efficiency process to make parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution. The raw materials to be cut rotates on the machine when a cutter fed into the rotating workpiece. It can be made include variety of taper, fillet and threaded surfaces etc. We offer full-service CNC turning of a variety of materials. Our experience staff and advanced machines that ensure all the prototypes will meet your expectations. Why CNC Machining 鈼?CNC machining is the first step to test the product feasibility. 鈼?CNC machining is perfect for bridging everything from prototypes to low-volume production and mass production. 鈼?Full material selection available and ability to work with metal and plastic materials. 鈼?It can be process all kinds of complex surfaces, And can even process some of the unobservable processing parts. Our Services We offer a variety of comprehensive services including CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Low Volume Production, Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, rapid prototyping in both metals and plastics etc. Our considerable years of experience will immediately steer you in the most efficient direction for your needs. Make your project from concept to real prototypes in as few as 5 days. Special surface treatment can also be applied to CNC parts including nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing, polishing, passivating and painting, silk-screening according to different material. we make various surface treatment to ensure that your parts meet all of their structural and appearance requirements. Material Available Our advanced CNC machine equipment can work with variety of materials, ranging from aluminum and stainless steel to plastics ABS and Nylon. We can also work with cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. Our Certificate Youde are ISO9001 2015 certified company, We strictly check and control the process from production, delivery until customer feedback with QC tool and testing equipment. The inspector strictly verify according to inspection procedures to ensure the product are made with exactly you ordered. Working in a ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our precise equipment and strict processes ensure us to provide high-quality prototypes for global client. FAQ Q: What kind of payment term do you accept? A: We accept the payment term is: 50% as deposit, balance before the shipment. We can accept payment by Paypal. Q: What kind of file format do you accept for Quoting? A: We accept 3D drawings in STL, STEP, IGES format and 2D drawings in PDF format. Q: What information should we provide to you for inquiry? A: 3D drawings or samples, and tell us your special requirements such as material , tolerance, surface treatments and the amount you need, ect . You may want to know鈥︹€? Advantages of low volume production When you design a perfect product, you want to make the perfect parts in the real world. At this time, You need to make prototypes or low volume production to test the functions and applications for parts before mass production. This is a important step for developers, because it not only can improve product design, but also save your money and reduce unnecessary losses. For more information, Please refer to our Blog. Youde offers instant pricing for you, including CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication services. Youde also provides engineering support from our team of experts. Send your Inquiry details in the Below, Click "Send" Now!Copper CNC Turning manufacturers website:

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