General Purpose Masking Tape manufacturers

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General Purpose Masking Tape manufacturers company is located in Shenzhen,China. We have been producing all kinds of adhesive tapes and stretch film since 2000. Our main products are including: BOPP packing tape,LLDPE stretch film, cloth duct tape,masking tape, double sided tape,PVC insulation tape, kraft parer tape ,anti slip tape,etc. Equipped with modem facilities and advanced technology associated with a professional and experienced team, our company has developed rapidly and has become one of the leading manufacturers in China. We will highlight our mission statement”Honest, High-quality,High-efficiency, and Innovation” . We have established our own research and design department to keep improving and innovating for tapes and packaging, and to meet the special individual demands of each customer. Our company has passed the ISO quality management system certification and our product has got SGS approval as environmental friendly adhesive tapes.”ABC” company will insist that product quality is the key for deploitation of the marketplace, perfect service is the base for Brand reputation. Our aim is to become a reliable and useful partner of our supreme customers with highest quality products. We sincerely look forward to working for customers from home and abroad to create a brilliant future. General Purpose Masking Tape manufacturers website:

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