Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy

Geolocation in WordPress is pretty easy thanks to the new GeotargetingWP service. Our newest project aims to cover all the needs in WordPress geotargeting. Instead of using heaving databases and complicate update processes, we created a lightweight API to server premium geolocation results to every user. Along with the API we are going to release different plugins to cover the differents needs. For example with Geotargeting Pro¬†you can geotarget content based on user's IP and show the right data to them. You can geotarget at country, state or city level. Even create different regions or groups to easily add shortcodes in your posts and pages. The ideal solution for affiliates sites with different options, like affiliate casino sites where depending on each country the commissions or right casinos to show change. We are also developing a new plugin to create Geo Redirections that will let you show different pages to the user based on their location. The plugin is 40% ready and we hope to have it ready in the next months. The service works as pay as you go. Basically you charge your account with credits and every query to the API costs 1 credits. The launching price is $0.002 per query call. The good news is that all the plugins include a cache mode that will let you save lot of queries! Take a look at Geotargeting WordPress