What do you expect from WpFavs ?

If you are a long user of WpFavs you would noticed that the site or plugin didn't receive many updates lately. That's due to the lack of time that I have running Timersys and new launched service GeotargetingWP (will talk on next post about it ). Basically I split all my time on the services that keep the business running and then I share my free time between all my free projects that I do to give something back to the community. The thing with WpFavs is that was something that I built from scratch and I feel like I'm not giving it all the time that deserves so I was thinking how can I invest more time on it and it occurred to me that maybe some of you were interested on a premium version on the plugin. Things that occurs to me that could hold the premium version:
  • Private plugins: Basically it would let you add your own plugins zip files or urls to your collections. This is great for example for code canyon users
  • Update notifications: Email notifications to keep your site up to date
  • Mmmm you know what? Send your comments with ideas or simple share your opinion

Are you willing to use a premium version? Which features you would like to see on a premium version?

I will leave this for a couple of months or so before taking any decisions. I just want to hear you guys. Regards, Damian