An easy way to monetize embedded YouTube videos on your website.

An easy way to monetize embedded YouTube videos on your website.

Adwire temporarily removes YouTube iframe embed and replaces it with linear video advertisement – preroll, according supplied AdTag. When linear video advertisement is finished, YouTube iframe embed is restored and automatically played for seamless user experience.

Adwire uses third-party service for handling advertisements – Google IMA SDK, therefore you are obliged to read and agree with:

To be able to use Adwire, you will need to grant required consents on Adwire plugin settings page.

Adwire plugin is not working

Adwire plugin works only with iframe embed code from YouTube. If you are using other plugins that might alter or replace this code, Adwire plugin might not work.

Adwire plugin stopped working

Adwire plugin is still in development stage. Please try to update Adwire plugin to latest version and try to re-save Adwire plugin settings to see if there are any errors.

Where to get AdTag URL

You can get it from your ad network/provider, e.g. AdSense for video (AFV).


  • Minor code refactoring.
  • Updated readme.


  • Split combined YouTube consent into separate consents.
  • Updated readme.


  • Reflected changes from Adwire service.
  • Updated readme.


  • Added YouTube API terms of service consent.
  • Tested compatibility with PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.0.
  • Updated readme.


  • Initial release.
  1. Admin page.

    Admin page.