Cache Ultra

Get your pages optimized in minutes!

Optimize page load times with full page caching. This plugin leverages our powerful caching API which processes your pages into fully cached static html files.

You will have full control of page resources and how they will be loaded on a per page basis.

This plugin allows access to the caching cloud service API.

This allows you access to speedily process your cache files offsite:

For more information visit

– Updated caching headers.

– Added page caches list to admin options page.

– Added exception in cache loader for ajax.

– Added a cron that will refresh enabled caches every 8 hours.

– Fixed php warning within the cache model.

– First relase of Cache Ultra.

  1. Google page speed insights before

    Google page speed insights before

  2. Google page speed insights after

    Google page speed insights after

  3. Snapshot sidebar before snapshot

    Snapshot sidebar before snapshot

  4. Snapshot sidebar after snapshot

    Snapshot sidebar after snapshot

  5. Snapshot configuration popup

    Snapshot configuration popup

  6. Snapshot resource configuration popup

    Snapshot resource configuration popup

  7. Snapshot settings page

    Snapshot settings page