Calculate Prices based on Distance For WooCommerce

Delivery Slot and Distance Calculator plugin for WooCommerce, adds a delivery fee to the order…

Delivery Slot and Distance Calculator plugin has some amazing features
1) Timepicker
2) Datepicker
3) Google Maps distance Calculator

For timepicker the user select the start and end time so on the checkout only the time between those two selected times will show. User from admin side can also set the time interval/difference between two time slots. User Can also disable multiple time slots from the admin side which will be removed on the checkout page.

For the datepicker user can select week days from admin side and these days will be disable on the checkout page. User can also disable multiple dates other than the days selected above.

For google maps calculator user have to give Google Maps API key and one address on the admin side. User have to set the price per Mile/KM. The unit can also be changed from the admin side.
On checkout page the customer will enter the address. And the difference between the two address will be calculated(one address is saved on admin side and the other one entered by user). So the prices set on the admin side will be multiplied by the distance(Numeric) and will be added to the order.

How it works

Google Maps distance Calculator / Timepicker / Datepicker

  1. Upload “woo-calculate-prices-based-on-distance.php” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
    1.Hover on the WooCommerce and Select WC Distance Calculator. That’s where the settings of the plugin will be found
  1. Plugin Admin Settings

    Plugin Admin Settings

  2. Datepicker Admin settings

    Datepicker Admin settings

  3. Timepicker Admin settings

    Timepicker Admin settings

  4. Delivery Distance Admin settings

    Delivery Distance Admin settings

  5. Checkout page Datepicker

    Checkout page Datepicker

  6. Checkout page Timepicker

    Checkout page Timepicker

  7. Checkout page Delivery Option

    Checkout page Delivery Option