ccRobot adds a virtual assistant widget seamlessly to your website. Switch effortlessly between chatbot and…

ccRobot adds a virtual assistant widget seamlessly to your website.

Details of the Product – ccRobot

ccRobot, an enterprise client care automation platform developed by Korah, adapts to your digital client experience needs in the ever-changing world. By simply injecting your knowledge into the platform, your clients will be served automatically. ccRobot will grow, learn and adapt to interact with your clients according to your style. The data collected can facilitate your big data and business intelligent strategies.

As a chatbot, ccRobot interprets natural languages and identifies client intentions. Each client intention will trigger a robot response and/or an action. Examples include:
– Retrieving a multimedia answer
– Guiding the client to a web page where the answer is located,
– Routing the call to a customer service agent,
– Retrieving information from applications. (e.g. funding requirements)

Moreover, ccRobot’s graphical user interfaces are part of the product. As a complete solution, your clients will be served much sooner than an approach requiring a custom-built chatbot interface.

Selling Points
ccRobot sets itself apart from traditional AI in several ways:
LEARNING METHOD: Rather than relying on expensive consultants and developers to create AI “rules”, ccRobot learns from your live client interactions through a unique on-the-job training system. This statistics-based approach to machine learning allows the system to rapidly learn how to replicate and deliver smooth client interaction.
REAL “NATURAL LANGUAGE”: By training ccRobot in your live operating environment, ccRobot learns to interact with the same language that your actual clients use (rather than the style of programmers and linguistics specialists). The result is a much smoother and seamless experience for your customers.
LOW RISK: ccRobot’s three-step training process enables you to rapidly deploy ccRobot in your production environment with little risk. Implementation starts in manual mode where live agents drive ccRobot; once ccRobot has gathered a set of preliminary training samples, it can run in semi-automatic mode, where agents verify ccRobot’s suggested answers. Once ready, switch to automatic mode for ccRobot to answer customers autonomously.
LANGUAGE SKILLS: ccRobot supports all written and spoken languages. While traditional AI chatbots require a “base language” or working in one language at a time, ccRobot works seamlessly in multilingual and mixed language environments.
ENTERPRISE MODULES: ccRobot unifies client experience while offering a personalized experience through our flexible back office integration framework. It makes integrating the platform into current operations a breeze.

Powered by the latest AI/ML technologies, ccRobot enables excellent client care, smooth service agent experience and meaningful bottom line impact. Our clients can:
– Automate client interactions in a consistent, effective and personalized way according to your brand strategy.
– Continuously improve business processes by adapting to changes for greater efficiencies
– Extract business insights through client conversation to fuel constant improvement
– Retain corporate memory and reduce employee turnover costs

  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload ccrobot folder in your /wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel go to Plugins and activate “ccRobot”
  3. From the wp-admin panel go to Appearance -> Widgets and add “ccRobot” widget in your templates