Wheel by CrazyRocket

Wheel and gamified popups for WooCommerce! Grow your email list and sales.


Wheel popups can convert up to 3x compared to classic popups.

CrazyRocket brings gamification further providing three amazing games (wheel of fortune, slot machine and scratch card)
designed to spark curiosity and challenge users to take action!

Engage your visitors, grow your e-mail list and boost sales by offering them a chance to win a coupon.

Fully customizable games with a lot of advanced features:

  • Beautiful wheel themes
  • Configure the chance of winning for each coupon
  • Easy to understand Analytics
  • Generate Unique coupons
  • Apply coupon automatically to the Shopping Cart
  • Mailchimp and Klaviyo integration
  • Scarcity and countdown timer
  • GDPR-Ready
  • and much more…

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CrazyRocket is a service with affordable plans starting at just $9/month.


How does a gamified popup work?

As a merchant, you need to deliver a compelling shopping experience to establish trust and persuade visitors to buy from your shop.

Interactive popups help to break the ice, engage users and entice them to complete the purchase because:

  • Gamification (like fortune wheel) spark curiosity and challenge users to take action

  • Winning a prize creates a sense of achievement

  • Having a coupon infuses desire to spend it… nobody wants to miss out a deal 🙂

Three Amazing Popup Games

  • WHEEL – The evergreen wheel of fortune.

  • SLOT – The most iconic game ever. Who doesn’t love slot machines?

  • SCRATCH ‘N’ WIN – Scratch cards… simple yet effective!

Beautiful, highly customizable themes

Build your popup in no time with our ready-to-use wheel, slot and scratch card themes.

Customize text, wheel slices, logo, background, font, buttons, and even CSS with our effective “What You See Is What You Get” editor.

Save your themes on the Template Library and reuse them to launch your next campaign!

Customizable Rewards

Easily select and assign discount codes to campaigns from WooCommerce and set the probability (weight) for each discount.
Set each of the wheel’s slices separately.

Launch icon

Let users click an icon to launch the popup: there are six different icons you can place in six positions. Of course, you can also upload your own!

Popup Triggers

Triggers allow you to define when and how users must be engaged by the popup.

  • Leave intent: show the popup when users move the mouse outside of the screen
  • Time: show the popup after a defined period
  • Page views: show the popup if the user visits at least x pages
  • Scroll: display the popup if the user scrolls the page by x %

Behavior-driven Notifications

Worried that popups could be too aggressive for your audience?
Use a small notification at the bottom of the screen instead: users will click it to open the wheel.


Included in ALL plans:

  • Fortune wheel
  • Scarcity Counter
  • Countdown Timer
  • Mobile Ready Popup
  • Segmentation
  • Coupons applied automatically to the Shopping Cart
  • Required Fields
  • Privacy and GDPR ready
  • Translations
  • Weekly Reports
  • Error Monitoring


Easy to understand reports – filter by date, see how people interact with the popup, what traffic converts and much more!


A/B Test Groups (GROW PLAN) – Run multiple campaigns/wheel variations at the same time

Advanced Page Targeting (PREMIUM PLAN)

  • Url Filter: set where to show/hide the popup
  • Initial page: trigger if the landing page matches a specified query string
  • Referrer: trigger if the referrer contains or not a specific value
  • Country: trigger for users from a specific country

Automatic Unique Coupons (PREMIUM PLAN)
Generate unique coupons to improve sales tracking.


START PLAN – $9/month

  • Up to 5,000 Monthly Popup views
  • All Games
  • All Core Features
  • 1 Active Campaign

GROW PLAN – $19/month

  • Up to 25,000 Monthly Popup views
  • All Games
  • All Core Features
  • 2 Active Campaigns
  • A/B Testing

PREMIUM PLAN – $29/month

  • Up to 100,000 Monthly Popup views
  • All Games
  • All Core Features
  • 5 Active Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Automatic Unique Coupons


  • Up to 250k Monthly Popup views
  • All features from the Premium plan

Questions? Contact us now!

Customer Support >>

Please check our quick guide here: Step by step instructions >>

Is that a free Wheel plugin?

Currently we don’t offer a free version: our plans are very affordable and each subscription pays for itself after the first sale 🙂

Need more time to get strated? Open a Support Ticket >> and we’ll extend your trial.

Will the plugin slow down my site?

CrazyRocket is a SAAS (Software as a Service), the plugin is loaded asynchronously after the main content and our servers will handle all the workload.

Why do I need to enable the REST API on WooCommerce?

CrazyRocket needs to access the REST API V2 on your store to:

  • Get the coupons and associate them with the campaigns
  • Create unique coupons (if the option is available and activated)
  • Set up a webhook to Track popup conversions

Can I suggest a feature?

Sure, feel free to contact us.


Dec, 2nd 2018
* Official Plugin released.

  1. Editing the popup

    Editing the popup

  2. Scratch card

    Scratch card

  3. Slot


  4. Wheel Popup

    Wheel Popup

  5. Slot Machine (Mobile)

    Slot Machine (Mobile)

  6. Scratch Card (Mobile)

    Scratch Card (Mobile)

  7. Wheel (Mobile)

    Wheel (Mobile)

  8. Stats


  9. Traffic details

    Traffic details