FCP Lightest Lightbox

Super lightweight Lighbox for WordPress

Simple and super lightweight Lightbox for WordPress with gallery navigation support.


  • Only 2 super small files (up to 2.5 kB each) for the front-end: script and style
  • Gallery support
  • Caching, minifying & combining friendly
  • jQuery independent (in case it’s async)
  • Responsive
  • Keyboard navigation


Coming shortly


Starts working just by the plugin activation. Opens linked images in a popup Lightbox by click. Adds arrow navigation, if an image is a part of a gallery or other links sequence.


You can modify the code for your needs, or suggest improvemens on GitHub.

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin

Waiting for your questions, which you can ask here or via GitHub.


  • Optimized to fit WP 5.7


  • Optimized: Gallery & image sequences tracking added


  • Initial release
  1. Desktop view

    Desktop view

  2. Mobile view

    Mobile view