ForwardMX Email Forwarding

Easily manage email forwarding from your WordPress Dashboard with the ForwardMX plugin.

WordPress Email Forwarding Service from ForwardMX

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Do you own a WordPress site or a community built on WordPress? Why not make your users happy with custom email aliases on your domain!

Our WordPress plugin integrates perfectly with WordPress and lets you create aliases automatically for any new and existing users based on their roles.

The idea is simple. Every new user, based on their role, can have an email forwarder created automatically. For other and existing users, you can create aliases from the user list in your WordPress admin backend. The plugin makes the process painless and completely automated.

Your users will love their custom email aliases based on their usernames. It also helps to create a more professional image for all your mods, editors and administrators. A great way to improve the professionalism of your WordPress based website.

All you need is an existing ForwardMX subscription then you can install the plugin, add your API key (available for all accounts) and get guided through the rest.

The plugin will then connect to ForwardMX’s servers to configure email forwarders for every user that you specify, based on their roles on your WordPress site.

Your use of ForwardMX is subject to ForwardMX’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How does it work?

The plugin connects with your ForwardMX account to configure email forwarding. No emails are forwarded directly by your server.


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