GedShow creates a shortcode to display the contents of an uploaded gedcom file to display…

GedShow is a simple WordPress plugin that allows the uploading of a gedcom file to a WordPress website. Once the plugin is installed there is a new menu item in the Admin menu panel on the website entitled Gedshow. On clicking this menu option a file upload dialog page is displayed allowing you to browse your computer for your gedcom file and then upload it. Once the gedcom file has been uploaded some of the data is extracted from it and loaded into the WordPress database. The uploaded information can then be displayed on a page using a shortcode.

The first shortcode is [gedshow], as usual the shortcode should be typed in lowercase and surrounded by square brackets. This displays a list of all the surnames in the database with a count of the number of records who have that surname in brackets next to the surname. The surname is displayed on a button, clicking on this button then shows the first and surname of all those individuals of the surname clicked and hides the all surnames records, again the names are displayed on a button. Clicking on this new button shows the individual record of that person. Currently occupations, birth, death, residence and occupation dates and places are shown.

The second shortcode is [surname sn=”smith”]. Replace smith with the surname of your choice within double quotes (ensuring that the surname exists in your gedcom). This shortcode then displays the data as above.

When first and surnames are shown on either the button or in the heading for individual records the sex of the individual is shown after the surname using the unicode symbols, ♂ for male and ♀ for female.

Current limitations:

  • Only one gedcom can be uploaded, the previous one will be deleted if a new one is uploaded.
  • Only Occupations type, Birth, Death, Marriage, Occupation and Residence dates and locations are extracted from the gedcom.
  • UTF-16 gedcom files, native to Family Historian, are not supported. Export as utf-8 format gedcom for use in this plugin.
  • Large gedcom files with >25000 individuals are unlikely to load due to webserver timeouts (this may be a smaller number on free / shared webhosts.

Future enhancements:

  • More fact types extracted and displayed.
  • Marriage spouses and children displayed on the individual person record display.
  • Graphical tree display (this will be the last enhancement as it is likely to be the most time consuming to code).

Any comments / feedback to [email protected]

Upload the GedShow plugin to your site and activate as normal.
Select the Gedshow option in the admin panel.
Upload your gedcom file.
Enter the shortcode on a page.

Can I delete my gedcom file once it is processed?

Yes, just go to the media browser and delete as usual. It is no longer needed by the plugin.

Can I update my gedcom file even though it is already in the plugin?

Yes, just upload it again, the old entries in the plugin database will be deleted and the contents of the uploaded gedcom file will take its place.


  • Updates to correct some minor bugs
  • Marriage records are now displayed at the bottom of the individual’s fact details
  • Birth, death and marriage facts now colour coded the same as the UK BMD certificate colours. Red – birth, Green – marriage and Black – death
  • Facts sorted alphabetically (so all facts of the same type are grouped together)


Initial release
Release date – 5 January 2019

  1. Admin page for gedcom upload.

    Admin page for gedcom upload.

  2. All surnames display.

    All surnames display.

  3. Single surname display.

    Single surname display.

  4. Individual with facts display.

    Individual with facts display.