Gosign – Advanced Separator Block

This plugin enables you to add custom border, spaces, styling borders with icons there positioning,…


This plugin creates a border block. it could be empty space, border with icon, border with different width and positions and alot of custom options.


  • Full width, short width separators
  • Add beautiful icon border of custom colors
  • Creates styling borders with icon or svg images
  • Alot of custom styling options for border
  • Add White Space between your blocks
  • Add border with or without shadows
  • Add Marging space between blocks
  • PHP 7.2-support
  • Full WordPress 5 (Codename: Gutenberg) support

Easy To Use All features.

Features coming soon:

  • Just write us what you want.

Note: We are trying to give our best to Test this Plugin with the WordPress 5 Plugins and Themes. We will be thankfull if you can give us feedback about your Tests. So we can extend the bottom list.

Tested with Themes

More WordPress 5 (Gutenberg) Content Elements / Content Blocks:


  1. Upload \”gosign-advanced-separator-block\” to the \”/wp-content/plugins/\” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \”Plugins\” menu in WordPress.
  3. Add the Gosign – Advanced Separator Block to the post or page where you have added your content.
  1. Icon Separator Left/Center/Right

    Icon Separator Left/Center/Right

  2. Short Separator Left/Center/Right

    Short Separator Left/Center/Right

  3. Simple Color Separator

    Simple Color Separator

  4. SVG Separator

    SVG Separator

  5. Backend Configuration

    Backend Configuration