Hide WP Login

Hide and protect wp-login.php by renaming to any random url or allow access only with…

Hackers use wp-login.php to attack your website and brute force passwords.

Install this handy plug-n-play plugin and protect your WordPress website using following features

  • Rename wp-login.php to anything of your choice.
  • Protect wp-login.php with a passkey of your choice.
  • Hides your wp-admin and redirects to a page of your choice.

If you are looking to completely hide WordPress from hackers and detectors like wappalyzer or builtwith, checkout Hide My WP

  1. Upload the plugin and Install/Activate.
  2. Change the URL to anything you want.

v1.0 (09 Feb 2019)

Initial release

  1. Various options of Hide WP Login

    Various options of Hide WP Login

  2. Rename wp-login.php

    Rename wp-login.php

  3. Protect using a key

    Protect using a key