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There are many reasons to need to remove links from your site. Maybe you have discovered that you are linking out to a ‘bad neighborhood’. Maybe you are getting lots of ‘link removal’ requests. You want to be able to quickly and easily remove any and all links to that specific other site.

With this free Link Removal Tool you simply type in the URL of the homepage of this other site eg – click “Remove” and this plugin strips out every instance of this hyperlink from that content on your site. Done!

WIth this version you can take out existing links. With the Pro version (still free) you can also use this free Link Removal Tool plugin to future-proof your site by making sure your site does not ever link to certain (or all) other sites ever again – Plus with the Pro version you can also delete all hyperlinks on your site if you need to go nuclear, using the wildcard * character. You can also use the Pro version to replace bad links with good links.

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Why do I need this?
This free Link Removal Tool is NOT for getting rid of backlinks TO your site (unless the other site uses this plugin to remove the links). This plugin is to remove all links on YOUR site for a defined URL. For example, if you get a lot of emails from other sites wanting you to stop linking to their site.

This plugin makes it FAR easier to remove all hyperlinks to their URL, instantly. To do this manually would take many hours to check every page on your site to see if their link is there. Use this plugin you can instantly know that they are all removed. You might also want to make sure you stop linking out to some (maybe) dodgy other sites. Or you might want to completely clean up your site if it has too many outgoing links.

How do I use it?

  1. Type or paste in the URL into the ?URL? box. It is best to use the root domain, without the ?http://? part and without the ?www.? part ? i.e. only just “” (without the ? quote marks)
  2. Click ?Clear all posts?.

Any questions
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Version 1.5.9

  • First Release

Version 1.5.9

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