Meal Tracker

Allow your users to track their meals and calorie intake for any day.

Extend your site by allowing your users to track their meals and calorie intake. Calorie targets for the day can be set by admins, the users or automatically pulled from Yeken’s Weight Tracker.


  • Your user’s can log their meals and calorie intake.
  • Visual graph to show your user the percentage of their daily allowance used.
  • Add meals for Breakfast, Mid-morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner and Evening.
  • View total calorie intake for the entire day or a breakdown.
  • Each user has their own meal collection.
  • Users can create and edit their meals.

Premium Features:

  • As an administrator, you can view your user’s progress and entries.
  • Your user’s can have Unlimited meals.
  • If enabled, allow your users to record meals for any date, future or past.
  • Allow your users to search other user’s meals.
  • Support for Macronutrients.
  • Search external APIs (like Fatsecrets) for meals.
  • FatSecrets Food and Recipe API are supported.
  • Meal Collection – create a library of meals for your users to search.
  • Fractional meal quantities – If enabled (via settings) additional quantity settings of 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 are available when adding meals to an entry.
  • View, edit and delete meals in your user’s meal collection.
  1. Login into WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for “Meal Tracker”
  4. Click Install now and activate plugin

Does it support Yeken’s Weight Tracker plugin?

Yes. If you have have the Pro Plus version of Weight Tracker, a user’s calorie allowance can be taken from there.

Language support

The plugin is written in English (UK) but is ready for translation. If you wish to add translations, please email me at [email protected]


  • Signed off as working with 5.6


  • Bug fix: Corrected language domain and path


  • Bug fix: Back slashes are now removed from meal titles and descriptions (when used to escape quotes).
  • Improvement: Updated Arabic translations (thanks @Saeed)


  • New feature: If enabled, MacroNutrient values are displayed on Meal line items.
  • Improvement: When settings are saved, entire cache is invalidated.


  • New Feature: If enabled (via settings) new quantity settings of 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 are available when adding meals to an entry.


  • New feature: “Meal Collection” – ability to create a library of meals that your users can search.
  • New feature: View, edit and delete meals in your user’s meal collections.
  • Improvement: Added extra security to Ajax calls to ensure a user cant edit another user’s meals.
  • Bug fix: Description is correctly updated when modified by a user.
  • Bug fix: Removed edit button against meals that a user has added from someone else’s collection i.e. restrict user’s to editing their own meals.
  • Bug fix: Under “Calorie Allowance”, allow the setting “User specified” to be saved correctly when not premium


  • New Feature: Support for FatSecrets Food API (
  • Improvement: Added “Oz” unit for meals.


  • Bug fix: Added missing text for translations.
  • Bug fix: Error being thrown on settings page for external sources.


  • Bug fix: Always create Macronutrient MySQL columns regardless of being enabled.


  • Improvement: Underlying framework for supporting lookup of meals from external APIs.
  • Improvement: FatSecret integration (look up meals from them).
  • Improvement: Major overhaul of CSS.
  • Improvement: Added unified look that ensures it looks more consistent across various themes.
  • Improvement: Added a check on Settings page to check that all MySQL tables are present for the plugin. Option to rebuild them if not.
  • Improvement: Basic support for specifying fats, proteins and carbs against meals. This will be expanded in the future to render totals and allow sites to focus on totals other than calories.
  • Improvement: Added the underlying frame work for custom fields (although currently only utilised for MacroN fields).
  • Bug fix: Fixed quantity error handling.
  • Bug fix: Replaced deprecated jQuery code.


  • Improvement: Added Arabic translations (thanks @Saeed)
  • Bug fix: Minor bug fixes throwing PHP errors.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect slug used for localisation.
  • Bug fix: Warning being thrown for missing array index.


  • Improvement: Added meal description to “View Entry” page in admin. (#66)
  • Improvement: New Setting that enables users to search for meals added by any user. (#61)
  • Improvement: New Settings that specify whether users are permitted to add new entries in the past and / or future (#72)
  • Improvement: Clearer display names for users. (#73)
  • Improvement: Admins can now delete user entries and mark their meals as deleted. (#68)
  • Improvement: Options to display summary of entries for today, last 7 days, latest 100 and latest 500 on user data dashboard (#65)
  • Improvement: Entry summary on the user data dashboard is now cached for 5 minutes to improve performance.
  • Bug Fix: Err was being displayed for meal unit if not description had been set for a meal. (#64)
  • Bug Fix: Added POT and en_GB language files. This should aid those that wish to translate the plugin (#74)
  • Bug Fix: Minified CSS and JS in front end (#37)
  • Bug fix: Fix an issue where Weight Tracker can’t be selected correctly as a Calorie Allowance source.
  • Bug fix: Responsive fix when adding menu link to Weight Tracker


  • Bug Fix: Removed reference to missing function ws_ls_create_dialog_jquery_code()


  • Initial Release
  1. Main view of [meal-tracker] shortcode.

    Main view of [meal-tracker] shortcode.

  2. "Add meal" view of [meal-tracker] shortcode.

    "Add meal" view of [meal-tracker] shortcode.

  3. Admin UI - summary overview.

    Admin UI - summary overview.

  4. Admin UI - user summary view.

    Admin UI - user summary view.

  5. Admin UI - view entry details.

    Admin UI - view entry details.

  6. Setup Wizard.

    Setup Wizard.

  7. [meal-tracker] placement.

    [meal-tracker] placement.