MN Star Rating

Smooth Ajaxified Star Rating Plugin that saves rated posts / pages in the admin dashboard…

MN-StarRating WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed star ratings into your posts and pages. This rating module is fully customizable, cross-browser, CSS3 compliant and millions of color options to choose from. You can integrate star rating to wordpress posts and pages with settings to adjust the rating position, color adjustment, size of the stars etc. Admin can see the list of most rated / average rated / highest rated posts / pages in the \”rating data section\”.

The Plugin has the following Features:
* Show rating for Posts and Pages
* User selection for rating
* Option to define rating position
* Option to define no. of stars to appear in the rating
* Option to select a size for the rating view
* Millions of colors to choose as rating selection color
* Allow / disallow rating override
* Ajaxified rating submission

It is an extremely easy plugin, that doesn?t require any additional settings, though there are some available options. All you need is just to activate the plugin in the setting adjust it to show for posts / pages or both. In the wordpress dashboard, MN Star Rating section, you can see the Rating Data which can show you the average rating values for each individually rated posts / pages. You can also set styling of the rating module in the settings.

Changelog === 1.0

  • Ability to add Star Rating into a post/page.

The quickest method for installing this MN Star Rating plugin is:

  1. Visit Plugins -> Add New Plugin in the WordPress dashboard
  2. Search for \”MN Star Rating\” plugin from the wordpress plugins repository
  3. Click on \”Install Now\” link.
  4. Finally click \”Activate Plugin\”.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, start integrating the plugin in your wordpress page or Post or both.

Where can I find the settings to adjust the plugin work after activation?

In the WordPress Dashboard sidebar Menu, you can find a link \”MN Star Rating\” to the settings page.

How can I add Star Rating to my website?

You should enable the rating module in the WordPress dashboard by selection the options to show in posts / pages.

  1. MN Star Rating default view in wordpress 3.9.

    MN Star Rating default view in wordpress 3.9.

  2. MN Star Rating Rating Score.

    MN Star Rating Rating Score.

  3. MN Star Rating success message.

    MN Star Rating success message.

  4. MN Star Rating Admin Settings.

    MN Star Rating Admin Settings.

  5. MN Star Rating Data.

    MN Star Rating Data.