myEGO2GO Verified Login

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myEGO2GO is a platform for online Digital Identity Management. A platform that can be used by consumers to store their data
safe and encrypted on their device(s) with an encrypted backup in the blockchain. A consumer verifies their identity by
uploading an official document and decided who to share what data with when loggin on to a partner platform.

The partners receives verified information that leads to less fraud and less loss of revenue due to wrong shiping addresses.

For more information about our platform or how the plugin works visit


You can sign up as a partner within the plugin. The cost of the plugin is free and you are only charged for the verified
addresses and the updates you receive. See our website for the pricing details:


Once the plugin is installed go to the settings of WooCommerce and select the ‘myEGO2GO’ tab. On this tab you can sign up
your webshop to become a partner. Once this is done the nessecairy data is stored in your WooCommerce shop. During installation
a widget is created that shows the QR code needed for your customer to log in over our platform.

You can add this widget on any page that you wish. We’ve already placed it on the right bar by default.


Support questions about this plugin can be directed to [email protected] Operational support questions about
the workings can be send to [email protected]

The installation is automatically done when you select the plugin for the official store.
A manual installation can be done by adding the unzipped folder to the plugins directory of WordPress
(/wp-content/plugins) and activate the plugin in the plugins overview.