JSM's Non-Breaking Space for French Content

Adds a non-breaking space between words and punctuation marks to avoid inappropriate line-breaks in French.

This plugin adds non-breaking spaces required by the French language in the content, excerpt, comments, text widget, and WooCommerce short description — skipping over pre-formatted code blocks, styles and scripts.

If the <!--:fr--> HTML tag is found (used by some multilingual plugins), non-breaking spaces are added only between the <!--:fr--> and <!--:--> HTML tags.

There are no plugin settings — simply install and activate the plugin.

Filters for Developers

‘nbsp_french_add_filters’ ( array $filter_names )

An associative array of filter names (and priority) for the plugin to hook.

    'the_title'                     => 10,
    'the_content'                   => 10,
    'the_excerpt'                   => 10,
    'comment_text'                  => 10,
    'widget_title'                  => 10,
    'widget_text'                   => 10,
    'woocommerce_short_description' => 10,

To hook additional filters, include their names (and priority) in the ‘nbsp_french_add_filters’ array, or hook them individually in your functions.php:

add_filter( 'another_text_filter_name',
    array( 'NbspFrench', 'filter' ), 10, 1 );

‘nbsp_french_currencies’ ( $regex )

A regular expression of recognized currency symbols.

Automated Install

  1. Go to the wp-admin/ section of your website.
  2. Select the Plugins menu item.
  3. Select the Add New sub-menu item.
  4. In the Search box, enter the plugin name.
  5. Click the Search Plugins button.
  6. Click the Install Now link for the plugin.
  7. Click the Activate Plugin link.

Semi-Automated Install

  1. Download the plugin ZIP file.
  2. Go to the wp-admin/ section of your website.
  3. Select the Plugins menu item.
  4. Select the Add New sub-menu item.
  5. Click on Upload link (just under the Install Plugins page title).
  6. Click the Browse… button.
  7. Navigate your local folders / directories and choose the ZIP file you downloaded previously.
  8. Click on the Install Now button.
  9. Click the Activate Plugin link.

Version Numbering

Version components: {major}.{minor}.{bugfix}[-{stage}.{level}]

  • {major} = Major structural code changes / re-writes or incompatible API changes.
  • {minor} = New functionality was added or improved in a backwards-compatible manner.
  • {bugfix} = Backwards-compatible bug fixes or small improvements.
  • {stage}.{level} = Pre-production release: dev < a (alpha) < b (beta) < rc (release candidate).


Changelog / Release Notes

Version 1.10.0 (2020/05/08)

  • New Features
    • None.
  • Improvements
    • None.
  • Bugfixes
    • None.
  • Developer Notes
    • Maintenance release – minor code formatting changes.
  • Requires At Least
    • PHP v5.6.
    • WordPress v4.2.