Obituary Central – Newspaper Obituary Editor

Obituary Central is a plugin for creating dedicated memorial / obituary pages for loved ones.

Obituary Central lets your newspaper become the central place for obituaries in your community and lets your newspaper earn money for each obituary that is added.

Create a revenue stream from obituaries for your newspaper. You set the price you want to receive for each obituary. Your visitors enter their obituary including service details, photos, videos and condolences and then pay for the obituary. The obituary comes to you for easy approval inside WordPress and then the obituary appears on your newspaper’s website.

Your newspaper gets paid for each obituary while creating a valuable service for your community. The family of the deceased has an easy way of entering their obituary for the community to find and share on social media. Funeral directors can enter obituaries and announce funeral service details.

Obituary Central lets you enter five free obituaries before a payment is required from your visitors for obituaries. This gives your newspaper an opportunity to test and use our modern, leading obituary.

Sign up today for Obituary Central to create a revenue stream from obituaries and become the central place for obituaries.


  1. Upload obituary-central.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Inputting Obituaries by Admin

  1. Go to Obituary Central Plugin
  2. Click on ‘Add New Obituary’
  3. Add Obituary Details.

Inputting Obituaries by Visitors

  1. Create a page on your website where your visitors can add obituaries.
  2. Select page where you want obituaries to be entered.
  3. Add the shortcode [OBITUARY_ENTRY]
  4. Click on ‘Update’ to update the page.
  5. Your visitors will also need to login later to update their obituaries and you will need to create a page for them to login.
  6. Select page where you want your visitors to login to manage their obituaries.
  7. Add the shortcode [OBITUARY_LOGIN]
  8. Click on ‘Update’ to update the page.

Displaying Obituaries

  1. Select page where you want obituaries to be displayed.
  2. Add shortcode [OBITUARY_DISPLAY] to page where you want your obituaries to be displayed.
  3. Click on ‘Update’ to update the page.

Who pays for the obituary?

The person entering the obituary pays for the obituary. The person entering the obituary may be the family of the deceased, a funeral director, or anyone in the community wanting and needing to announce the passing.

What countries can Obituary Central be used in?

Obituary Central can be used in any country. Our drop down for countries has over 150 countries and their states that can be selected from to announce an obituary.

Is Obituary Central only for newspapers?

Obituary Central is designed and intended for newspapers. However, website can use Obituary Central that wants to charge for obituaries.

Why is Obituary Central free? How does Obituary Central make money?

The newspaper sets the price they want to be paid for each obituary from their visitors. The Obituary Central plugin adds $10.00 to that price and that $10.00 is kept by Obituary Central.

For example, say your newspaper wants to charge $50.00 per obituary. Including the $10.00 Obituary Central price, your visitor adding the obituary will pay $60 for the Obituary Central. Your newspaper gets paid $50.00 for the obituary and Obituary Central keeps $10.00

What price should the newspaper charge per obituary?

The price charged per obituary is set by the newspaper and you are free to charge what you like. The price you charge can vary by the city/state you are in. Obituary Central lets you set the price so you can determine what is appropriate for your market.

Print newspapers routinely charge over $100 for an obituary. We think that any price under $100 for an obituary still represents great value to your visitors.

What languages does Obituary Central support?

Obituary Central is currently available in English only. We are planning to add additional language support in the near future.

How does the newspaper get paid?

Your newspaper will be paid once a month for obituaries earned the prior month when the amount earned is $100 or more. If you do not reach the threshold of $100 for payment, your amount earned for obituaries carries over to the next month.

Cheques are sent out on the first of the month for newspapers in the United States and Canada. For newspapers outside of the US and Canada, we pay by PayPal on the 1st of the month.

What currency are obituaries paid for?

Obituaries are paid for in $US regardless of the country of the newspaper. We are planning on allowing payment in other currencies in the future.

What currency are commission payments to newspapers?

Commission payments to newspapers are in $US.

Who is behind Obituary Central and what kind of support will I get?

FHW Solutions created Obituary Central.

FHW Solutions created Obituary Assistant, the world’s best obituary system for funeral homes used by more than 100 funeral homes. Obituary Central is an extension of that product modified specially for newspapers which allows them to offer obituaries and create a revenue stream.

  1. Main Obituary Page

    Main Obituary Page

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    Detail Obituary Page With Funeral Service Details

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    Obituary Condolences

  5. Obituary Approval Inside WordPress

    Obituary Approval Inside WordPress

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