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Our Team Showcase allows you to easily create and display your team members & staff and show them on your site with ease. Your visitors will see a beautiful & animated
list of your team, with their pictures, links to social icons, and link to each member page.

Each member can be edited. When you create or edit a team member, you will be able to add links to contact email, phone number, links to social media( facebook, linkedin, twitter, google plus, instagram & linkedin ), as well as a personal website.
You can also link in your posts to a user. This way, you can keep the viewer on your site, and recommend content to them.

First, install and activate the plugin. You will be automatically re-directed to the plugin settongs page. Select your preferred settings and colors, Add your staff, upload pictures and finally
add the shortcode [our-team] to the page, post or widget where you want to display them. You can also set the order that the members appear in with a user-friendly drag & drop interface.

If your theme has a sidebar, you can use the extra custom sidebar widget to display the team members in the sidebar.

The pro version provides you with 4 additional and very unique Team templates and 3 Single Member templates. Impress your site visitors by using the pro version which includes a Honeycomb layout, Scrolling Carousel, Stacked
list and an additional circular template.

Pro version available here: Pro Version

Available Customizations:

  • 3 Grid templates: Circles & Boxes
  • Custom sidebar widget
  • Re-order team members with a simple drag & drop.
  • Select the number of columns
  • Customize the margin
  • Display Social Icons & email icon
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Single member page social icons
  • Add/Edit/Search/Display your staff or team members
  • Display members by group/deparment (category)
  • Boosts SEO with schema.org markup
  • Output your team members anywhere with the shortcode [our-team]
  • Team Member contact info & links to social sites
  • Favorite/Recommended content for each Team Member
  • Ability to export and import team member data
  • Easy to setup

Pro Version Features:

  • 4 Additional team templates: Carousel, Honeycomb, Stacked & Company Directory
  • 3 Single member display templates
  • Team Member Search bar. Search by name, group, bio
  • Team Member Filter. Filter members by one or multiple groups
  • Animated sliding Panel & Card
  • Click-to-call team member phone number
  • Team member personal quote
  • Search & Sort employee directory
  • Looks great on desktop & mobile
  • Team Member Skills, Hobbies, Tags
  • Community Hub (New – October 2017) creates a private member login page on your site so you can share
    posts and pages only with your team

Team Member Details & Icons:

  • Name
  • Group/Department
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Telephone Number
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Website/URL
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud
  • Links to up to 3 Articles
  1. Download the plugin, then upload the zipped file to your site from the WordPress dashboard plugin uploader menu
  2. OR – Upload the unpacked folder folder via FTP into /wp-content/plugins

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the plugin, then upload the zipped file to your site from the WordPress dashboard plugin uploader menu
  2. OR – Upload the unpacked folder folder via FTP into /wp-content/plugins


  1. Improved query that pulls team members


  1. Improved Import/Export functionality
  2. Updated docs


  1. Added the ability to override Team templates from the theme (see documentation)


  1. Updates to the Import & Export tool
  2. Bug fix with group filtering
  3. Added new search & filtering tools to the Pro version


  1. Bug fix impacting group filtering since WP4.9


  1. Added Import & Export tools
  2. Fixes and cleanup


  1. Added the ability to set the number of columns from the shortcode
  2. Updated documentation
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Updated Pro version – Now it includes a the Community Hub for the team


  1. fix bug with error when saving posts
  2. fix php error for un-install


  1. Added a new field for additional social network
  2. Shortcode now supports multiple groups


  1. Bug fixes
  2. Full compatibility with PHP5.4


  1. Patch plugin code to be backwards compatible with older PHP versions
  2. Added the ability to display multiple groups in one shortcode
  3. New members now are added last


Plugin re-write. Settings and team member data will be maintained

= 3.0.0
1. Added new social icons ( pinterest, instagram )
2. Added Recommended Articles section in Single Member. You can now toggle a section for each member that outputs up to 3 articles from your blog.
3. Updated Documentation
4. Fixed issue causing the PHP notice regarding the team_member slug


  1. minor change


  1. Bug fixes to icon appearance on some themes
  2. Responsive fixes
  3. Added staff directory
  4. Added ability to change slug for single post view


  1. Added team member phone number
  2. Added social icons link opening in a new page
  3. Added a new template ( Grid Circles 2 )
  4. Enhancements to responsive


  1. Fixed plugin update bug. The plugin no longer loses settings on update
  2. Added additional templates to the pro version


  1. sidebar widget bug fix
  2. removed archive
  3. fixed columns bug
  4. fixed drag & drop bug


  1. Major appearance and functionality changes
  2. updated pro version


  1. sanitization fixes


  1. Fix bug with team showing above all content
  2. Added option to control how many members to output
  3. Added pro version with additional templates
  4. Fixed re-order bug


  1. add circular grid style template
  2. add sidebar widget template
  3. add instructional video


initial release