Post Filter

Post Filter allows you to replace all bad words with good ones in all post…

This plugin searches for words that you have specified and replaces them with other word or changes post status to draft, if found any of them.

You can choose between “Strict” and “Words Only” modes. If you choose “Strict” this plugins detects “able” in “Enable” and if you choose “Word Only” it detects “able” as a word and finds it a sentence like “Are you able to do this?”

This plugin searches for blacklisted words in post title, permalink, content and excerpt.

1 – Unpack plugin files in /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2 – Activate plugin from Plugins menu in Dashboard
3 – Use the Post Filter menu to update the settings
4 – Enjoy!

1.0.0 : first stable release of Post Filter plugin
1.1.0 : adding option for two search modes, “Strict” and “Words Only”