Allows you to share post to multiple connected social networks

Postsquirrel wordpress plugin allows you to share your post directly to multiple selected social networks upon publishing. This plugin is an extension of your postsquirrel account.

Connected social media networks are available to select. Upon adding your post, select which networks should be included to share

Postsquirrel Plugin is maintained by Postsquirrel.

Plugin Installation

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory of your WordPress site,
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress,
  3. Visit the “Postsquirrel” administration page to configure the key.
  4. Log in to
  5. Visit “Apps” section and click “Connect app”
  6. Enter wordpress site name and click “Connect”.
  7. Copy the key and paste it in postsquirrel plugin section and click “Connect”
Which social media networks are available?

Currently we support facebook and twitter.

How to connect to social accounts?

Social media accounts should be connected in your postsquirrel account. All accounts in postsquirrel are available to select and share via this plugin.

Where can I report bugs, leave my feedback and get support?

Our team answers your questions at:


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