Pro Missa

This plugin will give you shortcodes and widgets with the latest masses and events of…

This plugin will show all the times of masses who are stored in ProMissa.
This plugins will enable a shortcode and a widget with the upcoming events in your parish.
You can add multiple widgets to your theme of add a shortcode in you homepage.

** Options **

In the shortcodes and widgets there are several options:
* Select all churches of your parish or a specific church.
* Give an options of how many upcoming masses you want to show.
* You choose if you want to show the extra title. (The web text of an event in the Pro Missa Portal.)
* The option to show the attendees on your website. (You choose in the portal which groups will be visible.)

Not familiar with Pro Missa?
Go to to learn more.

Pro Missa is a tool created by Kerk en IT

You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

Installation via WordPress

  1. Go to the menu WP admin > ‘Plugins’ > ‘Install’ and search for ‘Pro Missa’
  2. Click ‘install’
  3. Go to settings in WP admin > ‘Settings’ > ‘Pro Missa’
  4. Fill your API credentials from the Pro Missa portal

Manual Installation

  1. Upload folder promissa to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to settings in WP admin > ‘Settings’ > ‘Pro Missa’
  4. Fill your API credentials from the Pro Missa portal

Where do I get my API key?

Go to the Pro Missa Portal and get the keys of your parish.
Note: You need to be authorised to get the keys

Our parish doesn’t use Pro Missa yet

You can sign up a 3 months free trial to see if it will fit for your parish. learn more

Where can I find my shortcode?

You can generate a temporary shortcode in the Widgets screen.
At the bottom of the widget you’ll find the shortcode.
After copy the shortcode it’s safe to remove the widget.


  • Small meta data fixes.
  • Translated into Dutch.


  • Initial version at the introduction of this plugin.
  1. Widget Settings

    Widget Settings

  2. Pro Missa Widget in frontend

    Pro Missa Widget in frontend