Exponentially increase engagement with your audience with PushPro, by sending them direct web-based Push Notifications…

The PushPro plugin for WordPress will enable you to configure PushPro on your WordPress site straight from your admin panel.
Create an API key in PushPro, paste it into your PushPro plugin for WordPress and your website is ready to send push notifications!
When your audience visits your website, they will now see an opt-in request for push notifications. If they accept, you are ready to engage with them.
There is no need for costly changes to your website, the only thing PushPro adds is an opt-in request for your visitors.
With PushPro, you can send your customers and prospects short, but highly engaging, messages.
For example, you may want to inform them of a flash sale, remind them of an abandoned cart, announce new products, or inform them about their order.
By using the PushPro for WordPress plugin, your technical configuration will be setup in just a matter minutes.
Join the ranks of thousands of other web shops who use push notifications to engage with their customers.
Reach the 96% of your website visitors who you don’t know, increase your revenue by up to 15% and drive up to 7x higher customer retention.


Push Like a Pro

PushPro is a revolutionary way to engage with your mobile visitors. Interact directly by sending Push Notifications to your subscribers without a mobile app,
straight from your website.

  • Engage mobile users without an app
  • Send thousands of notifications per second
  • Send your messages instantly, save them as draft or plan your campaigns with scheduled messaging

Cut Through the Noise

Create highly engaging, fully customised Push Notifications while instantly seeing how your message looks like on a mobile device.

  • Customize notifications with your branding
  • Full emoji support
  • Add CTA buttons with specific landing pages
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is a powerful feature to send your push notifications to a specific group of people. Manage them easily with our Audience Segmentation Manager.

  • Target specific groups of subscribers
  • Easily create rules and filters to specify segments
  • 100% GDPR-proof

Learn. Adapt. Succeed. Repeat.

See how your messages perform with our easy to use reporting tool. Get real-time insights on delivery and click through rates. Adapt, optimize,
and be in full control of your success!

  • Instant insight of your campaigns performance
  • Compare new and previous campaigns
  • Google Analytics integration (coming soon)

Install in Two Minutes

Install PushPro easy and fast on multiple domains. Installation will just take 2 minutes and if you need help, we are there for you!

  • Full browser and OS support
  • Manage multiple domains from one account
  • Automatic updates, no hassle

PushPro Demo

Check out the video below for a demo of how you can send push notifications to your subscribers!

  1. Automatically install the plugin through the WordPress plugins directory screen.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings -> Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin
  4. Create an account on PushPro
  5. Configure your domain, and enable “use an extension for this domain”
  6. Copy the API key to the WordPress plugin configuration
  7. That’s it!

Check out our FAQ page to find answers to all your questions.
The list below will provide answers to your most pressing questions:

How am I going to be billed?

You will be charged on a recurring basis, either monthly or yearly. We collect your payment details when you select your first paid plan.
After each successful charge, we will send you a billing receipt. Check your user account profile to see your latest and upcoming invoices.

Do my subscribers need a mobile app to use PushPro?

No, they don’t! The great thing about PushPro is that we send web-based push notifications. Once a visitor to your website has opted in to push notifications,
they get sent to them straight from your website, no mobile app needed.

How do I send a push notification?

You can send a push notification in a few easy steps. Select the domain you want to send push notifications from. Next up, go to “notifications” in the sidebar menu and follow the steps to create a push notification. Give your notification a name, provide it with a message title, body text, destination URL and a button text.
In step two you can provide the notification with a Time to Live and a vibration pattern
You can preview the notification by pressing “Test Now”. Finally, save the notification as a draft, schedule the notification or send it directly.

What happens if I exceed my plan’s subscriber limit?

We will notify you when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% of your plan’s subscriber limit, so you will have plenty of time to consider an upgrade. We will send you an alert in your user profile to make sure you are always up to speed.
If you do hit the 100% limit, we will still register new subscribers for a limited period. However, you won’t be able to send them push notifications.
When you upgrade your plan, these ‘sleeping’ subscribers will be reactivated.


Release Date – 12 August 2019

  • Bug fixes


Release Date – 1 August 2019

  • Initial Release
  • Supports a 2-minute installation via API key and insight into message performance in the WordPress admin panel
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    Portal Login

  2. Notification Preview

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    Domain Configuration

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  5. Analytics and Insights

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