SAGI Crypto integration for Binance Pay

SAGI Crypto integration for Binance Pay allows you to accept payments from customers using the BinancePay* platform. *Registration with BinancePay is …

This plugin allows all merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments from their customers using the BinancePay platform. All payments are currently denominated in USDT (Tether). Payments are sent directly to your Binance funding wallet. Customers can pay from ANY funding wallet, in any cryptocurrency from their Binance account. No fees will apply to the users when using Binance Pay. Sagi crypto brings close digital world to the customer.

This plugin requires WooCommerce and PHP 8.0 or newer. Please make sure you meet those requirements..

Before installing this plugin, please make sure you are approved for the BinancePay platform.

  1. Install Plugin.
  2. Create a API Key and Merchant Secret Key on BinancePay platform.
  3. Add Keys to BinancePay plugin settings
  4. Enable plugin

0.1.0 :: 2023-01-09

  • Initial release.