SEO Pyramid

SEO Pyramid is a free, lightweight Search Engine Optimization plugin designed to simplify website SEO…

SEO Pyramid is a free, lightweight Search Engine Optimization plugin With a simple user interface. SEO Pyramid has a user input aid that informs users in real-time when they exceed suggested character limits for each tag. SEO Pyramid has other fun features such as XML sitemap generator.

External Libraries

  • Material Icons
    • Update Frequency – will be updated as often as necessary

Current features

  • Title input
  • Description input
  • Robots’ directive input
  • Canonical tag
  • Count the length of user entry and informs them in real-time if they exceed the recommended character length.
  • XML Sitemap

Coming Soon

  • Variety of SEO tags to choose from
  • Favicon settings feature

How do I uninstall SEO Pyramid?

  • Disable the plugin
  • Remove the plugin
  • Install via the repository, do the following:

    • Click on plugins on the left pane
    • Click on “Add New” at the top left
    • Search for SEO Pyramid in the search field.
    • Click on install, then click on activate
    • You are all set. SEO meta tags will now be available on all your pages and post
  • To install via the upload method, do the following:

    • Click on “Upload Plugin.”
    • Click on “Install Now,” then Click on activate
    • You are all set. SEO meta tags will now be available on all your pages and post when you enable them
  • How will I save entries or changes?
    The entries are saved when you click the update or save button on the page or post.

  • What about Support?
    I will always be available to support users. More importantly, I am open to suggestions on how I can make the plugin better.

  • Why does the plugin have only title, description, canonical, and robots directives meta tags?
    Those are the most critical SEO tags. However, I am currently working on a list of other fun features to make the plugin even better.

  • 1.0.2
    Changed the placements of banner and icons in the assets folder to ensure that it shows.

  • 1.0.3
    Made some txt content changes.

  • 1.0.4
    This release includes a new feature that enables users to preview how their website will look in search (Google) results, and cleanup of the read me txt file.

  • 1.0.5
    Updated the search engine-like preview to truncate extra characters when users exceed suggested limit. And, enhancement of the installation guide.

  • 1.0.6
    Updated txt formatting

  • 1.0.7
    Updated txt formatting

  • 1.0.8
    Added missing files from the assets folder

  • 1.0.9
    Added missing files from the assets folder

  • 1.1.0

    • This release includes the addition of the features below:
      Settings page – Accessible via the general plugin window or under Settings on the left pane
    • Pop up blob that explains what Robots Directives is and how it works.
    • Disable/Enable meta tags
    • Search engine verification and analytics setup
  • 1.1.1

    • Critical bug fix
  • 1.1.2

    • This update includes but not limited to necessary changes to improve security and addition of canonical tag
  • 1.1.3

    • This update was facilitated to verify ownership of the plugin on CodeRisk to receive proper updates on security risks and fix them.
  • 1.1.4

    • Critical update
  • 1.1.5

    • Critical update
  • 1.1.6

    • This update includes but are not limited to UI and UX improvements, inclusion of more tag blogs to aid user understanding of their functions.
  • 1.1.7

    • Critical error fix
  • 1.1.8

    • Critical error fix
  • 1.1.9

    • Added a control mechanism for page title tags.
  • 1.2.0

    • Enqueue script error fix
  • 1.2.1

    • jQuery error fix
  • 1.2.2

    • Fixed errors found in WordPress debug mode
  • 1.2.3

    • Code and security enhancements
  • 1.2.4

    • Code enhancement and removal of duplicate canonical tag
  • 1.2.5

    • Version 1.2.5 release of SEO Pyramid includes a feature that will enable its users to create an XML sitemap with just a few clicks.
  • 1.2.6

    • This update includes code enhancements to improve performance.
  • 1.2.7

    • Fixed situation where changes to the dynamic sitemap does not reflect on the live version.
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