ServicePress: WordPress and ServiceNow Integration by Harmedia Studios

Dual Integration: Website/Content Management for WordPress and/or Inventory Management via Procurement using WordPress' WooCommerce plugin.

Dual Integration: Website/Content Management for WordPress and/or Inventory Management via Procurement using WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin.

Example use cases (but not limited to):
- Universities: Network Sites (Students, Faculty, Departments)
- Wholesale/Retail: Existing Stores or Pop-up stores
- Food/Beverage: Restuarants, Bakeries, Beverages
- Media: Sport Leagues/Teams, News organizations
- Advertising: Publishing and Marketing companies
- Manufacturing: Mechanical Parts and online ordering

Our goal is to reduce the manual labor spent managing WordPress sites and the inventory between them. ServicePress will allow you to create a single site, as well as set up hundreds or thousands of sites that you maintain. We have also integrated with WooCommerce for eCommerce related businesses. You can create more than one "store" and manage inventory separately for each store. ServicePress will allow you to track products, sync customers, place orders, and automatically reduce inventory in WooCommerce via Procurement and Stockroom/Vendor management. With a Time to Value (TTV) of less than 1 hour, we have automated the entire process.

Between COVID-19 effects and Supply Chain issues, management of your inventory has been getting more complicated. ServicePress aims to reduce the load on your team, and focus on what you can palate/pallet😁! ServicePress will help your organization by setting up Vendors from which you can purchase from or Stockrooms in which you can transfer the assets to in ServiceNow. Are you a self-contained store? We have you covered as well!
No matter which type of operation you run via WordPress (content and/or products), ServicePress will help drive the automation, while you can drive your assets and business.

Link to ServiceNow Application

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1. Download “ServicePress: WordPress and WooCommerce Integration” from the Store.
2. Install application “ServicePress”
3. See Installation Guide on Product page

    1. Download/Install Plugin "ServicePress: Automate Inventory" plugin
    2. Activate ServicePress plugin.
    3. All steps for WordPress are Complete
    Since this version only provides data to ServiceNow, it is just registering the REST API Route and Data.<h3>Credits</h3>    This plugin is created by <a href="" rel="friend" title="Harmedia Studios LLC">.<h3>Branding Guideline</h3> ServicePress is a Harmedia Studios brand. When writing about ServicePress, please use the following format.

* ServicePress (correct)
* SP (correct only logo)
* Service Press (incorrect)
* spnow (incorrect; only for API endpoint)
* servicepress (incorrect; only for textdomain)
* Servicepress (incorrect)<h3>What's Next</h3>  - For this plugin, we are starting out from the ServiceNow side of the integration. 
- Settings page will be added for configuration
- We will soon add to this plugin to provide push functionality from WordPress. 
- Check back in the next version.<h3>Legal Disclosure</h3>  ServicePress uses the WordPress API and ServiceNow API to manage the process. The ServicePress Application provides the “vehicle” for the data to transport in.

Each WordPress/WooCommerce Site Owner is responsible for the data that is sent to ServiceNow as as well the data from ServiceNow sent to WordPress/WooCommerce. ServicePress does not own the data, does not see the data. The ServicePress plugin is to support the functionality of the ServiceNow application.

    HTTPS: The data is passed over WordPress HTTPS (if setup) and always over ServiceNow HTTPS
    All Credentials in transit: An encrypted Username and Password transmitted.
    All Credentials at rest: Encrypted with ServiceNow's Password2 Encryption.

OOB Data: 
        - Core Site Information
        - User Information
        - Themes and Plugins
        - Post Categories
        - Posts/Pages
        - Comments
        - Customers (addresses if available for Ordering/Shipping)
        - Products
        - Categories
        - Images
        - Inventory Quantity
        - Available Attributes

        The ServicePress Plugin provides the following additional data:
        - User’s Email address: 
            - ServiceNow Account creation
            - Notifications from ServiceNow
            - User lookup via APIs
        - User’s Role: Provide additional access to the user’s based on the role in each site.
        - Site Version: Update ServiceNow with the current sites’ version number and the Upgradeable version number.
        - Network Sites (WordPress MultiSite)
            - Request Sites/Blogs: Admin controlled Sites
            - Site switching: Depending on the current site we are requesting, we can switch to a different site for the correct response at runtime.<h3>Terms of Service == (ServiceNow)</h3>  - ServiceNow Store Terms Of Use:
- Vendor App Subscription Terms and Conditions:

None right now

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  • New – Initial Build of the plugin. Allows access to the User’s Email Address, User’s Role, Network Sites, and update version for ServiceNow to know if Core is out of date.