Smart Wishlist For More Convert

With the help of MC Smart wishlist plugin, the users of your website will be…

Next month on the same day, sales of your products will increase about %33 because of installing this wishlist plugin.
You know that cart abandonment happens to your online store for so many reasons, but if you are equipped with this plugin, your customer certainly will come back to complete the purchase.

70% of your customers can’t buy today. So you have two choices:
1. Lose these customers.
2.Recapture these sales.
You can bring customers back to your website. They’ll finalize their purchase with only one click. Test now without any risk.

MC Smart Wishlist plugin is a powerful tool that every woocommerce store needs for 5 strong reasons:
Increasing sales and conversion rate: You can push your users to buy the products they’ve added to their wishlist because they have to add their email to create their wishlist.
Decreasing shopping cart abandonment: Without a wishlist button, customers go and never come back, but with a wishlist, Your users can add their selected products to their wishlist and buy them whenever they have the conditions.
Reducing bounce rate of your website: Users spend more time visiting your e-commerce which is incredibly better for your SEO because it reduces your bounce rate.
Generating more leads: Your users can share their wishlist with their relatives and friends. Or even better, they can share it on their social networks, and that can get indirect advertising for your products.
Simplifying and personalizing the purchase process: Your users can compile a custom list of favorite products and find them quickly without searching for them again. Later, whenever they want, they can finalize their purchase with only one click.
Above all, You don’t need to spend money increasing your website traffic. MC Smart Wishlist can help you to increase your revenue from the same number of users. When your users add a product to their wishlist, this plugin starts to show offers to them and make a FOMO to buy faster.

Our mission

MoreConvert’s mission is no need for advertising agencies. Instead, we want a day when all online businesses in every industry can increase their website sales.

We are continually making this plugin smarter and more advanced. Our mission is to help you increase Your sales by almost 4 times more. By installing our plugin and sharing your opinion with us, we will add new and amazing features in the future.

Why this Wishlist?

Most wishlist plugins only focus on increasing time on page average, not your financial benefits. What do they do? They put all their effort into making a wishlist with many capabilities for the users, like multiple wishlists or more versatile management of the wishlist! I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but:

Which one do you choose?
Imagine you are a user of an online shop. The website has designed a perfect wishlist with so many options to change. Now, do you prefer to waste your time on making your wishlist personalized, or you want to receive a big offer? Then, of course, you want free shipping or %30 sales. Because you make a wishlist to purchase it someday, not designing it for fun.
Now as an admin, what do you think? Which plugin can help you to increase your profit?

In 3 small steps, remind users of the purchase.
We put our focus on increasing sales by encouraging users to buy products they added to the wishlist.
We make a part of our plugin dashboard called “marketing.” In this part, you can define some conditions to make email automation. For example, If users did not buy anything from the wishlist for more than 2 months, send them an email with some amazing offers (free shipping, %30off, and …). If they add some special product, send them a series of marketing emails.

Ready email templates
And also, we have some ready email templates, so all you need to do is:
1. Define some conditions,
2. Personalize email templates,
3. Specify the time of sending the series of emails,
then our plugin will do the rest. Your profit will easily increase by 33%.

General features

Smart display of product details: Product Image, Product Name, Added Price, Unit Price, Stock Status, Quantity, Date of Adding
Remove the product from the wishlist and go to the cart automatically (after adding it to the cart)
Enable/disable the wishlist for unlogged users
Show an invitation for unlogged users to log in
Choose an action triggered by the wishlist button: display a pop-up or open the wishlist.
Pop-up for redirect to wishlist
Customized pop-up (change appearance, text, add image…)

Button appearance features (add to wishlist)

Fully customizable appearance
Change button text to anything you want
Change button text after adding product to wishlist
Change the type of button into icon, text and both
Set the color of the button with the site theme
Attract more attention by making a dynamic button with flash icon mode

Button position features

Change button position in product and shop page
Use shortcode for positioning ideal place

Wishlist shareability features

Enable/disable wishlist sharing button
Share wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, telegram, and email)
Share with link
Change share title

Marketing features*

Able to make a free shipping offer
Able to make a special coupon (time, price, expiration date) and deactivate it after expiration
Define condition and email automation. For example, send email automation to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist
Email series template (4 professional email templates written with marketing principle, copywriting, and FOMO technique to increase sales)
Activate email automation in a special situation or exactly after the condition get true
Able to make dynamic email content, You can use the following placeholders:
{user_name}, {user_email}, {user_first_name}, {user_last_name}, {coupon_code}, {coupon_amount}, {expiry_date}
Delete defined conditions and also email queue

Not sure yet?

If you still have doubts, let’s make a deal:
The first version of this plugin is completely free. Install it to get a special discount to get the premium version.
Get instant support and get your answer as soon as you ask a question.
Get a free training course from us to use the plugin more effectively.
Good deal? Well, now install the MC Smart Wishlist plugin easily and be on our special subscriber’s list.

Does MoreConvert Smart Wishlist have a free version?

Yes, it currently has only a free version, but we will add more options soon.

Can I customize my wishlist position?

Yes, you can put your wishlist button in a place that you want.

What marketing part can I use in this plugin?

It helps you in increasing your sales by sending amazing email templates based on conditions.

Can I change the style of the wishlist button?

Yes, it’s possible. You can even set buttons with your website theme.

Can my customers share their wishlist on social media?

Yes, even they can change the title of their link and then post it (for example, change the “my wishlist” into “my suggestion for my birthday :D”)

Where can I get support?

If you need training, you can ask for help on our website plugin Forum or MC Smart Wishlist page.

1.0.0 – Released on 26 June 2021

  • Initial release
  1. different button display modes

    different button display modes

  2. different button positions on the shop

    different button positions on the shop

  3. different button positions on the product page

    different button positions on the product page

  4. wishlist page appearance

    wishlist page appearance

  5. wishlist general setting

    wishlist general setting

  6. wishlist shareability setting

    wishlist shareability setting

  7. coupon setting

    coupon setting

  8. condition setting

    condition setting

  9. email automation setting

    email automation setting