W3 Total Cache Purge All Page

Purge all page from W3 Total Cache when a post is published / updated.

Page caching mechanism is somewhat very confusing. Which page to purge ? does the archive need to purge to? how about the widget?

We know that W3 Total Cache already have mechanism to purge archive page with similiar tag / category (post term purge). However this is not sufficient.

Consider this scenario :

Web sitemap :

  • Home
    • /category/category_1
    • /post_type_2
    • /pages_x(contain post_type_2 with custom WP_Query )

With normal W3 Total cache if you publish post with post_type_2 and category 1 the /pages_x will not purge !

Our solution is to purge all the page cache during a post is marked publish.

When all page is purged ?

  1. There is new post marked as publish (updated or new post)
  2. Post move to trash

Setting Recomendation

  1. Do not prime/preload page cache , this will slow your site
  2. Use disqus/livefrye for your comment, it will reduce page cache problem

Please use wordpress support forum here

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Development Support
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Treat us a coffee! Donation can be make from donate
Thank you!

  1. Grap the plugin from from wordpress plugin directory or Upload w3-total-cache-purge-all-post folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate W3 Total Cache Plugin, DISABLE ‘Prime post cache on publish’ on page cache option. It will kill your performace
  3. Activate the plugin

Its slow my website !!

If you don’t like it just turn it off, it’s experimental anyway

What happen if i wrote an excerpt for the post ?

It will used, instead of the automatically generated one.

= 0.2
* First Release