Shipment & Tracking with APC Overnight

This plugin is develop to integrate WooCommerce store with APC Overnight and Logistic company's system in order to add new shipments and track yo …

This plugin is developed to help the ecommerece platform. So they can reduce effort of adding new shipments into Apc Overnight and focus into the areas which can really give them benifit in term of revenue.
WooCommerce APC Overnight Plugin is using thired party APi which is exposed by APC Overnight to the developers so they can easily integrate their systems with APC Overnight make workflow more handy.


If you are getting error while intializing plugin than please write us here: [email protected] .

  1. Install plugin by uploading zip or directly upload plugin directory under wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate plugin from plugins page.
  3. Make sure you have APC Overnight credentials.
How to set APC Overnight account credentials.

Goto WooCommerce Settings > Shipping > APC Shipping > Save Settings.


  • Very First Version.