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Most detailed Activity Log with User Tracking, Immediate Logout and Activity Control based on specific…

Activity Log WordPress Plugin

New most detailed WordPress User Tracking, Control and Activity Logging Plugin.

You will see very detailed report what people or even other plugins are doing on your site, then block or be alerted on such activity or even logout user immediately.

Detect any activity, log and control based on specific criteria, lock, block, email alert, hide etc.

Working based on low level logging, can log any user request. This may help you to monitor any user, any plugin and investigate possible problems.

Plugin is made with performance in mind, build on optimized custom tables.

Just install it and everything will work without any special setup.

If you have any trouble or suggestion feel free to contact us, we always looking for improvements: [email protected]

Now we have also official website:

Activity Log Standard Features:

  • Very detailed activity log
  • Works with all plugins
  • Track specific user activity history
  • Hide logs by criteria
  • General Search Filter
  • Detail Search Filters
  • Fast pagination with Ajax
  • Disable User Sessions/Logout user
  • See logged users
  • Favorite logs
  • View changes in posts revision
  • Will log all activities in any plugin

Activity Log Premium features:

  • All level logs
  • Email Notifications
  • Block Activity
  • Unlimited days logging
  • Block users on fail attemps
  • Log reports and exports
  • Automated Reports by Email
  • Live Monitoring
  • Cloud integration
  • Priority Support
  • Automatically disable brute force attack on login forms


  1. Go to Dashboard, Update
  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘WinterLock Activity Log’
  3. Install and activate the WinterLock plugin

What does this plugin do better then other?

You can control user activity by specific criteria

Much faster and free filtering options

Manage User Sessions and Logout users even in free version

Can log any activity even if you have level 0 enabled any request

Not related to other plugin, because logging in low level under WordPress

And much more…

How to hide specific requests

Click on WinterLock->Activity Log->Click on Eye icon for wanted log->Define rules and click save

How to detect changes in files

Activity Log will detect all file changes inside WordPress in WinterLock->Activity Log, clicking on view you can see user posted file data in parameters

How to detect who deactivate which plugin

Activity Log will detect all plugin activations and deactivations inside WordPress in WinterLock->Activity Log, clicking on view you can see user and plugi nrelated data in parameters

You need support?

Inside Activity Log plugin, so clicking on WinterLock->Contact you can ask for support or

If you have any trouble or suggestion feel free to contact us, we always looking for improvements: [email protected]

Will be logs stored in my database?

Yes all Activity logs will be stored in optimized custom tables, with performance in mind

In premium version you can also export, report or store in Cloud

Are there any issues installing this plugin?

No, we don’t know for any issue right now, but if you found any, please inform us immediately, we will do our best to solve it as soon possible


  • Custom design added to Activity Log Plugin related pages, nice table, button colors and layout improvements
  • Also possible to enable this custom design in complete WordPress dash
  • Buttons for hide/block/favourites/remove Activity Log now added also to Activity Log edit page
  • We started official website , Facebook Group and Twitter


  • Activation issue on some servers


  • Init release
  1. Activity Log View Page

    Activity Log View Page

  2. Log details and tracking history example

    Log details and tracking history example

  3. Report configuration

    Report configuration

  4. Cloud configuration

    Cloud configuration