Click to Translate

A bilingual dictionary lookup tool for every website.

This plugin will help you reach more readers for your blog. Our plugin will help your users translate any word on your website.
Simply add our translation button to any of your posts or even to your main page then press the button to turn on the translation functionality and click away.
Every word you click on is automatically translated and the result is displayed neatly in a pop-up box on top of your content.

Now more visitors than ever will be able to understand the content you created because whenever your readers come accross a word they
don’t understand they can directly translate it by clicking on it.

At this moment we support the following languages:

Translate from English to Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and even English.

Translate from Simplified and Traditional Chinese to English.

Please read the installation section to understand how to install the plugin.

  1. Go to,
  2. Create an account and login to the console,
  3. Create an access token under Access Tokens in the console,
  4. Under Security in the console fill in the domain you want to use the API on.
  5. Go back to WordPress,
  6. Copy the Access Token you have created in step 3 into the field that says ‘access token’.
  7. Done.

v 1.0

(1 November 2018) First submit.
(5 November 2018) Solved issues from WordPress Plugin Review team.
(6 December 2018) Updated the readme file.

  1. The pop-up button with the translation.

    The pop-up button with the translation.

  2. The button that appears on a blog page.

    The button that appears on a blog page.

  3. The place to fill in your access key created on <a href="," title="Access Tokens">the access tokens page</a>.

    The place to fill in your access key created on the access tokens page.