Login for WordPress

Facebook Login for WordPress simple adds a facebook login button into wp-login.php and let you…

If you just need a facebook login button in your wp-login.php to login/register users, this is your plugin. Lightweight plugin that won’t bloat your site with unnecessary functions. Developer friendly and easy to expand.

To add facebook button on a page use shortcode [fbl_login_button redirect="" hide_if_logged="" size="large" type="continue_with" show_face="true"]

More info about the button on https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/web/login-button

If you need to add a facebook login in your template or link a Facebook account to an existing profile use the following code:

`<?php do_action('facebook_login_button');?>```

If you want to show a disconnect button to remove facebook connection from a user profile and avatar use this:

`<?php do_action('facebook_disconnect_button');?>```

If you want to change the redirect url after used is logged in wp-login.php you can pass ?redirect_to= in the url or use the following filter:

`add_filter('flp/redirect_url', function($url){ return site_url('another-url')});``


Once you install the plugin, you need to configure it. Please follow this guide . That guide is for the premium version so be aware that the only shortcode available is [fbl_login_button redirect="" hide_if_logged=""]

Premium Version

Check the new premium version available in (https://timersys.com/plugins/facebook-login-pro/)

  • Powerful Login / Registration AJAX sidebar widget,
  • Also available with a shortcode and php template function
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads checkout pages
  • Compatible with BuddyPress
  • Login widget in Popups
  • Premium support

Available Languages

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Collaborate with translations on Transifex https://www.transifex.com/timersys/facebook-login/dashboard/


Please contribute on https://github.com/timersys/facebook-login

  1. Install plugin zip using /wp-admin/plugin-install.php directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> Facebook Login and enter your facebook app ID
  4. Place <?php do_action('facebook_login_button');?> in your templates if you need it somewhere else than wp-login.php

Are you planning to add more features ?

Nope really. The plugin is intended as a base for anyone needing facebook login

  • Updated api version

  • Fixed missing loading gif

  • Fix issue with new FB update that broke user registration

  • tagging new release for svn

  • Branding changes to comply with WP guideliness


  • New languages
  • Better error handling
  • data-size filter for facebook button


  • More shortcodes attributes and filters to change button style


  • Added ability to change scopes
  • Added request for new button, so if email is not provided app will ass permission again


  • New facebook login button
  • Fixed issues with hooks on disable registration
  • New facebook api used
  • Better compatibility with jetpack
  • New languages
  • Filters to disable email notifications
  • Fixed locale of button


  • Fixed user notifications not sending


  • Fixed bug with redirection
  • Added new languages
  • Better error handling on fb response


  • Fixed permissions to view facebook settings page
  • Fixed typo preventing app_secret to work fine
  • Added new filter to let users change response based on login/registration


  • Added secret key field in settings to make queries more secure and fix issue that some users were having
  • Fixed textdomain to make plugin translatable with other plugins
  • Updated language files


  • Replaced deprecated function in WP 4.5


  • Fully support for russian usernames and Bp valid usernames
  • Now scripts are added with button ( fb init bug fix )
  • Added shortcode for button


  • Added Chrome iOS workaround
  • Improved username generation
  • Added connect / disconnect button on user profile
  • Fixed bug with avatars in groups
  • Code improvement and minor bugfixes


  • Custom Avatars in bp are working now along with facebook ones
  • Notifications when a new user register
  • If FB is not defined or private tracking is enabled now shows error
  • Fixed undefined notice on activation


  • Fixed bug that avatars cannot be disabled in BP
  • If registration is disabled in General -> Settings users won’t be able to register


  • Facebook Avatars now are working in Buddypress

  • Fixed important bug with fb users login into wrong account

  • Removed iconv as was causing problem in some servers


  • Added redirect feature to template button
  • Now username is generated only on registration


  • Fixed bug when users deny to provide email with facebook
  • Fb username is now more friendly
  • Minor bugfixes and code improvement


  • Changed the way users login to a more secure one ( Thanks Zoli! )
  • Added fallback in case a Fb user change their email so they can still login to their account

  • Minor css and js fixes
  • Updated docs in readme


  • Now user are checked by email, so existing users can still log with facebook
  • Now errors are showing instead of showing eternal spin wheel


  • Fixed undefined error when notices are on
  • Added button to registration screen


  • Fixed bug with avatars
  • Added scopes in case api version of fb > 2.3 – thanks to sdether
  • redirect fix
  • Added some more filters


  • Added facebook_login_button hook


  • First version
  1. button