Autonami Marketing Automations For WordPress

Power up all your essential functionalities like sending cart abandonment emails, tracking their conversions and…

Autonami allows you to engage with your prospects, buyers, and subscribers on autopilot via emails and SMS.

It uses what we call, behavior-backed triggers to engage with them, based on the actions they take and the milestones they achieve.

This means that if a user:

  • Abandons the cart, you can send out a series of well-timed emails, with or without a discount to bring them back.
  • Hasn’t purchased anything in the last 6 months, you can set up an automated win-back campaign that will get triggered to re-engage.
  • Just bought a particular product that needs education for setup, you can send product-specific post-purchase emails on autopilot.

Besides deeply integrating with WooCommerce and WordPress, Autonami also speaks very well with WooCommerce Subscriptions and Membership official plugins.

Not just that, Autonami is a bridge between the popular third-party apps you use and WordPress/ WooCommerce. We call these third-party apps ‘Connectors’.

In the lite version of Autonami, we wanted you to be able to solve your most elemental use cases and solve them pretty well. So, you’ll be happy to see what you can put into play with the lite version.

Let’s dive in.

Autonami Marketing Automation for WordPress/ WooCommerce {Lite Version}

  • Recover abandoned carts through well-timed email sequence

Cart abandonment rate has jumped to an all-time high at 75%. It has way surpassed its last year mark of 68.6%.

These cart abandonment stats are indeed worrisome.
Generally, the abandonment email conversion rate is between 10-15%.

But if you’re using Autonami, you can send abandonment follow-up emails that are timed right with an incentive to purchase i.e. discount code.

This can easily push your recovery rates to 20%+.

Here’s an automated workflow set up in Autonami to recover abandoned carts.

Users with cart total greater or equal to $100 are given an incentive to purchase in form of coupon code.

Autonami allows you to view stats such as abandoned carts, recoverable carts, recovery rates, etc. on the dashboard so that you can understand the success of your campaigns.

  • Boost your Customer Lifetime value through buyer engagement

Send automated product-specific educational emails, cross-sell campaigns, win-backs and more to boost your CLTV.

You can set up rules such that if a buyer hasn’t bought in a defined period, they should get an automated email sequence with a discount coupon code.

It’s a great way to bring people back and re-engage with them.

  • Send thank you email when a review gets added

When someone posts a review of an item in your store, send out an email to the user thanking him for taking the time out to leave a review.

You can even send out a coupon code if you like.

  • Get notified when the item stock falls below a set threshold

Set up an automation to get notified via email when an item stock reduces below a set threshold in your shop.

  • Welcome new WordPress users with an offer

When a new user signs up in WordPress, send them a promotional welcome offer.

Autonami Pro Highlights

Autonami Pro integrates beautifully with the connectors and is able to unlock the triggers in these.

Let’s go over the triggers:


  • A new subscription got created: When a new subscription gets created, send rapport-building emails to keep retention high.
  • Subscription trial ended: Send out follow-up sequences to turn the free trial users into paid subscribers on autopilot.
  • Subscription renewal coming up: It’s best to remind people to renew their subscription well in time so that they don’t forget to do it.

Affiliate WP

  • The application got approved: Welcome your new affiliate into the family, educate them on how they can increase their earnings with your product.
  • Application got rejected: Share the common reasons for rejection and tell them what they can do next.
  • The affiliate makes a sale: Congratulate them and encourage them to keep the momentum.

Gravity/ Elementor/ WP Forms

  • Form got submitted: When a form gets submitted you can perform an action in WordPress, Zapier, WooCommerce, Twilio, Slack & your CRM.
  • Form submitter should be made a WordPress user: Based on what was submitted and who submitted the form, make the user a WordPress user.
  • User data should be sent to CRM: Tag the user, remove a tag from the user, add the contact to a list or automation and more by communicating with your CRM effectively.

LearnDash (Coming Soon)

  • Got a new student enrolment: Send out automated emails welcoming them and instructing them on their next steps.
  • Students completed a course: Congratulate them and talk about the action steps or pitch an upsell if you have.
  • A student completed a lesson: Encourage them to build on the momentum so that they do not drop off and keep moving instead.

Here’s Why Autonami Is Unlike Any Other Automation Engine You’ve Seen Before
=Here’s Why Autonami Is Unlike Any Other Automation Engine You’ve Seen Before=

  • Run Smart Campaigns With Rule Builder: Autonami lets you set up rules to run automation. For example, in the case of an abandoned cart, you can trigger sequences based on cart total, item category, item(s) in the cart, and more.

  • Set Delays & Send Emails at Specific Time of the Day: Use Autonami’s intuitive interface to trigger email sequences after delay periods. You can set up delays in hours and days and even wait to send out emails on certain days of the week and time of the day.

  • Create Dynamic Coupon Codes With Deadlines: Make WooCommerce coupon codes dynamic by using merge tags to personalize them (for example, in the name of the recipient) and set up expiry periods for the coupon code. Unlock the power of urgency to drive more evergreen sales.

  • Unlock Insights by Tracking Abandoned & Recovered Carts: One quick look at your dashboard will reveal to you all the data you need to make decisions. Know about the abandoned carts, recovered carts, potential revenue, recovery rate, and more. Use this data to tweak your sequences for a more significant impact.

‘What are Autonami users are saying’

Autonami looks FANTASTIC! One of the things I love the most about WooFunnels is that not only is everything incredibly functional, but it’s well thought out too. You can tell a lot of time has been put into making the UI as intuitive and easy as possible. 🙂 It’s perfect. I got a chance to play around with the light version today and I’m going to be using it for all my abandon cart emails going forward. It’s MUCH easier to set up than my current solution! 🙂
I’m really excited to see what you guys come up with, in the new year. 🙂
— Adam Nolan (

I installed Autonami Lite today to give it a test drive…just wanted to email to say I am super impressed.
The possibilities are truly endless. This plugin can let even a one-man show Woocommerce website run with the power of a full-blown marketing team.
What really impresses me about XL Plugins is the quality of your plugins, website, videos, and overall approach to marketing your products. I’ve come across so many buggy or incomplete plugins released by software companies and it’s so refreshing to see an Indian company competing at the same level as a US software company.
— Dheeraj Mahtani (Director, Caprica Technologies Pte Ltd.)

Here are Autonami’s Connectors (third-party apps):

  • CRMs (ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit)
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Twilio SMS
  • Forms (Gravity Forms, Elementor Forms, and WPForms)
  • LearnDash (Coming Soon)
  1. Install ‘Autonami Marketing Automations For WordPress’ Plugin.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to WooFunnels -> Autonami
  4. Start creating Automations.

Is there a limit on the number of automations you can run?

No, there is no limit on the number of automation you can set up. You can run as many campaigns to as many contacts as you like. Autonami will trigger them for you without skipping a beat.

Is there a limit on the number of emails I can send out?

No, there’s no limit on the number of emails because all the emails are routed via your website’s SMTP.

Is this a WooCommerce dependent plugin?

Autonami deeply integrates with WooCommerce native, WooCommerce Subscriptions, WC Membership but it’s not dependent on WooCommerce. It works perfectly with AffiliateWP, Gravity forms, Elementor Forms, WPForms and your CRMs. So, Autonami is built for WordPress with love.

What separates Autonami from the other tagging tools/automation engines?

The top feature that separates Autonami from the others is the rule builder. Deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce allows you to take actions based on stock level information, cart level details, upcoming subscription renewals, affiliate sales insights & more. The other important feature is sending out emails via your site’s SMTP using Autonami’s intuitive interface. You can use merge tags, UTM parameters, set delays and more.

Is Autonami a replacement for my current autoresponder?

Autonami perfectly complements your current autoresponder. While your CRM is the place to store your contacts and send out blast emails – Autonami talks to your CRM on one hand and WooCommerce/WordPress on the other hand – to set off triggered campaigns. It sends out emails and SMSs based on the actions taken by the user on the website and the milestones they’ve hit. We call these behaviour-backed triggers. However launching a built-for-WordPress CRM is definitely in the works. (Jan 08, 2020)

  • Fixed: Version mismatch caused PHP error, fixed now.

1.0.4 (Jan 08, 2020)

  • Improved: Cart and Order currency merge tag value capitalized.
  • Improved: Coupon merge tag value capitalized.
  • Fixed: One database call is firing twice, output is cached now to avoid duplicate calls.

1.0.3 (Jan 07, 2020)

  • Added: ‘Delete’ action link added under completed ‘Batch Processes’.
  • Added: ‘End Automation’ option added to ‘Order Created’ event. If checked, Already scheduled tasks of this automation are available. Then they get deleted when a new order gets placed.
  • Improved: Implemented proper escaping and sanitizing in Template’s HTML content.
  • Improved: Removed default Coupon Code which doesn’t exist from Automation Recipe and Improved Recipe content.
  • Improved: Expired coupons get deleted, only if their usage is none.
  • Improved: ‘Is a Guest’, ‘First Order’ Rules UI texts improved.
  • Improved: ‘Cart Contains Coupon’ Rule’s UI text improved.
  • Improved: ‘Cart Contains Coupon’ Rule renamed to ‘Cart Contains Any Coupon’.
  • Fixed: No tasks are getting created even after it marked as “In Progress”, fixed.
  • Fixed: No tasks are scheduled for automations containing ‘Cart Abandoned’ event, in the presence of a network firewall, fixed.
  • Fixed: Showing correct Event data in Task Log table on ‘Task History’ page.
  • Fixed: Showing products of correct ‘Product Types’ when selecting a product in any product related Rule (eg, Showing subscription products during Subscription-based Rule.
  • Fixed: Added descriptions for Send Email and Create Coupon actions. UI text improved.
  • Fixed: Fixed image alignment in Email CSS styles of ‘Send Email’ action’s email body.
  • Fixed: In ‘Send Email’ action, if ‘Promotional Email’ not checked, then ‘Unsubscribe Link’ merge tag show blank space, fixed.
  • Fixed: Set email’s correct Content-Type, in case third party email hosting provider is changing Content-Type.

1.0.2 (Dec 06, 2019)

  • Fixed: Removing Abandoned cart tracked data and scheduled tasks after order placed.

1.0.1 (Dec 05, 2019)

  • Added: New email settings added (From name, From email, Reply-to email). Can be viewed under Settings > Advanced > Email.
  • Added: Email styling added for emails sent by Autonami. Optimized typography for best view.
  • Improved: Multiple UX improvements. Action & Event descriptions etc.
  • Fixed: Product rows style for cart abandonment event, fetching actual product total rather item total, fixed.
  • Fixed: Cart abandonment URL in case of WPML, getting correct checkout ID.
  • Fixed: Cart recovery abandonment running on all completed orders rather order which are traced as abandoned orders, fixed.

1.0.0 (Nov 28, 2019)

  • Public Release