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Best Plugin collection

By Nick

This is my personal favorite Plugin collection for every blog startup..

Basic Plugins

By FabioBr

List of Basic Plugins for Word Press


By jimbeesly

for mum 2018 Fresh Install WP Plugins v1.2

By wappguru

Most used and mandatory plugins for any new WordPress install. Delete as needed. Used primarily with Divi Builder or Visual Composer Frameworks. Not Genesis specific nor AppPresser specific nor WooThemes specific nor Multisite. WooCommerce included for initial site report. use elegantthemes / visual composer theme specific social & newsletter add-on plugins. build genesis framework or custom wp theme wpfav seperately with different specific plugins. paid plugins or opengl added manually or upgrade to $6/m wpfavs plan to store and update paid plugins separately of this pre-theme list or framework list. v1.0 - 09/09/17 v1.1 - 09/10/17 added wp-statistics, lazy load, ajax, pagenavi, shortodes, soacial seo, etc. update 7/10/2018 - old, use other simplified favs.

namaroopa before migrate

By lifeofaclickwpfav

vol intsall

By vane vrb


By emmannuel


Default WP-Plugins

By Kjell

Our default WP-plugins


By Vitor Francisco Freitas dos Santos

marketing digital inicial 2018 Default Plugins (simplified) v1.0

By wappguru

The simplified version of our other list. These free plugins we usually install on a new WordPress build. Instead of installing them one by one or bulk-downloading / bulk-uploading them we just use this WpFav's plugin. Saves some serious time. Akismet & Jetpack separate. WooCommerce installed for easy system report test view.