Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator *** PRO features for FREE ***

Duplicator clone plugin can duplicate, backup website, clone website or migrate WordPress website from one hosting place to another for FREE!

Duplicator clone plugin can duplicate, backup website, clone website or migrate WordPress website from one hosting place to another for FREE!

Duplicator clone plugin can also duplicate from localhost/developer host to production website

To clone or duplicate WordPress website follow these simple steps:

  1. Type your destination domain name, where you want to duplicate/clone/migrate your current website;
  2. Fill out FTP credentials for the new destination hosting;
  3. Fill out MySQL database credentials for the new website on the destination hosting;
  4. Click on “Scan system” button to check the current server configuration and access credentials of FTP and MySQL database for the destination host;
  5. The button “Start cloning to destination” will appear. Click this button to start the duplication process;



Your data can be automatically temporarily stored on your website in duplicator clone plugin configuration page.

A duplicator plugin can clone, duplicate or migrate your live sites to some independent staging or development website place. So you can does this available for administrators only.

for people, who doesn’t understand: good has no limit

We didn’t compared in details another plugins, that also makes duplicating, to our plugin, but our plugin is completely unique!
We don’t try to copy from anybody something, because our competitors try to copy their features from us!
Our Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator plugin is unique, because it has:
– unique source code;
– unique name; (*about naming, please read on bottom of this text)
– unique logo;
– unique functionality;
– unique title and description;

*The name of our plugin is “duplicator-clone” and NOT just “Duplicator”. Plugin contain the word “duplicator” precisely as well, as more than 1000+ others plugins on WordPress, that also contain word “duplicator” and also making duplicating. Besides, this word – is English word, not patented word, such as other words like “air”, “water” or “backup”, “cloner” or some others.

The word “duplicator” we use in our logo, because it has maximum representation about “what our plugin actually doing”.

If you have any questions, need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to http://www.wpadm.com/support/


The duplicator plugin – no stress, all sites at right host per single click

We all know this situation where you are going to move your site to another host place and suddenly everything goes wrong. The duplicator clone plugin, also known as migrator plugin or just plugin for back up, is a perfect tool to avoid data loss and possible website damage. In just few steps you will be able to clone or to duplicate your complete WordPress website and to relocate it to your new host.
The important thing to mention is that duplicator clone & migrator plugin with back up works absolutely autonomous. Another essential point is that we attach great importance to our customers data security. So you can be sure that your data and access credentials won’t be neither copied nor transferred somewhere to a third party.
The process of back up, cloning or duplicating, migration is a kind of a storage procedure which is taking place on your WordPress website. It means that your website access credentials data can be automatically stored on your website in a duplicators configuration page.
1. In order to install the duplicator, back up, clone plugin you just have to upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
2. Than you activate the duplicator clone plugin. You can also conduct the plugin’s activation through a Plugin menu in WordPress.
Enjoy working with Duplicator clone plugin, safe time and money!
For further information please contact our support team.

The duplicator plugin make WP backups too!

Inside of duplicator plugin there are backups options and possibility to restore every backup, which was made in the past. The restoration process is sorted per date and size. After selection of your wp backup with one click you start the restoration process. The best of this duplicator plugin, that the most backups functions are free of charge. This backup plugin take care of security of your website throw in pro version existing scheduled backup. The scheduled backup help you to make changes on your site without to care what can happen if you install a new plugins or change some code. The backup restoring button gives you the necessary safety for you site. In pro version your have more advanced options for wordpress backup under settings panel you can exclude or include files or set options by default. The time needed to backup or restore depend from connection speed of your server / hosting on the internet. The same goes for staging by site cloning. The duplicator clone plugin make faster the wp staging process than the competitors and gives special heed to the security of the wp staging. The process of restoring and backing up a site is fundamentally the same as migration, for this reason we want make the migration process easier and faster with more free wp staging settings than our competitors. To do the best wp duplicator plugin with backup options www.wpadm.com team tested all common plugins how: backup, wp backup, updraftplus, blogVault Real-time Backup and other with the objective to combine the best functions of this backups. Of course we tested tree month our wp clone and backup plugin on all wp versions, WordPress templates and WooCommerce shops before www.webpage-backup.com published our duplicator on the market.

Duplicator/Cloner Support Team on wpadm.com

Duplicator plugin support team trying to improve and automate all wp movings (wp backup) of websites like duplicate, clone, migrate or simple backup processes, for all hosting provider of this World. The backup (back up) and restoration is software, that works with hardware for this reason the duplicator cloner plugin depend from settings of different hosting provider (for example GoDaddy, Dynadot, Dreamhost, Hostgator and many other). Support Staff of duplicator cloner trying to do everything and every day to react on settings changes of all of those hosting providers. Of course we implement new backup and WordPress clone proposals from the wp backup support forum. Wpadm.com supporter get a lot of good wp copy and staging transfer advises per E-mail, as also in many support forums on WordPress, like for Dropbox back up and restore plugin or Amazon S3 Full back up and “Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator” plugin. On all movings, like duplicating, cloning, migrating or backup (back up), the support staff inquiries to answer within 24 hours. All user of WPAdm have a priority support for all their backups and copying, cloning, migrating. Wpadm.com knows how important the backup security through back up process.

Backup, Cloning and Duplicating with using of high security layer

All back up clone and migrate operations improved through high security layer with using of SSL certificates and make support of the WPAdm users and customers in secure and accurate way, give support for customers who use duplicator clone plugin free of charge too. All this back up and WordPress copy wishes we try implement in live as soon as possible. If you have backup problems on WordPress or WooCommerce or backup improvements proposals or wishes please don’t hesitate to contact wpadm.com support.
During website backup processes you get a lot of warnings information and backup clone instructions that help wpadm.com to analyses all backup issues inform you and to make fast website backup. All backup process information’s you can see in backup logs. If the backup process falls duplicator clone plugin support will ask you to send your backup logs per email on support(@]wpadm.com. To send log or other website backup data on backup plugin support isn’t must. But if backup plugin support gets this data wpadm.com, than can try to help you or solve your backup clone problems.

A Guide on Dropbox website backup

Backing up an entire website on a regular basis represents a significant point of concern for webmasters. The majority of host companies make scheduled backups of their servers in case of electricity outage or similar occurrences. For other specific purposes you will have to make your own copies. Hosting control panels like DirectAdmin or Plesk provide direct options for website backups. Website owners or webmasters should use them regularly.

  1. Upload the plugin folder “Duplicator clone” to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the duplicator clone plugin (or activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress).

If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to http://www.wpadm.com/support/

Is it use archiving, if I move my website from one provider to another?

At our Duplicate, Clone (Cloner) and Migration plugin zip archiving will be used per default. By the opponents plugins like “Duplicator”, WP Staging or “UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration” the using of archive functionality like zip or tar is possible only in charged (paid) plugin version.

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the plugin folder “Duplicator clone” to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the duplicator clone plugin (or activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress).

If you need help with the plugin or you want to report a bug, please refer to http://www.wpadm.com/support/

Please, try to update this plug-in to the latest version to avoid security and other problems.

The latest version of duplicator clone plugin is: 2.1.0

Thank you.

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 2.1.3)

  • Bug fixes

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 2.1.0)

  • Tested with WordPress 4.5

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 1.1.4)

  • Bug fixes, check of data

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 1.1.3)

  • Update title translation

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 1.1.2)

  • Enhanced User Interface

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 1.1.1)

  • Duplicator, Cloner, Migrator, Backup – icon updated
  • Bug fixes, check of data

Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator (version 1.1.0)

  • Improved template of page with settings
  • Improved process of jobs
  • Improved reading/writing of files