Dramatically speed up your WordPress site and make navigation effectively instant by loading the next…

InstantClick dramatically speeds up your website, making navigation effectively instant in most cases. This plugin is the easiest way of adding InstantClick to your WordPress theme.

Before visitors click on a link, they hover over that link. Between these two events, 200 ms to 300 ms usually pass by (test yourself here). InstantClick makes use of that time to preload the page, so that the page is already there when you click.

See for more information on InstantClick.

This plugin simply adds InstantClick to your website using the WordPress scripts API. For further tweaking, see the announcement post.

Install and activate the plugin. InstantClick should be automatically added to your website.

Fine Tuning

In WP-Admin you will find a new options page called ‘InstantClick’ under ‘Settings’. On the options page you can:

  • Set the preload mode (on hover with a 0, 50 or 100ms delay, or on mousedown)
  • Exclude scripts from reloading with InstantClick (adding data-no-instant)
  • Add custom JavaScript to be loaded before or after InstantClick has initialized

See the documentation on for details on how the script works and how to ensure compatibility with other scripts. To add the data-no-instant attribute to scripts, use the ‘No-Instant Scripts’ setting on the options page.

To add any custom JavaScript around the InstantClick initialization, use the script editor on the admin page.

None yet. Checkout the support forum, the GitHub repo and InstantClick website for the answers to most questions.


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility


  • Fix warning in script handle sanitation


  • Initial release to plugin repository.
  1. The InstantClick settings page

    The InstantClick settings page